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Transforming Biomedical Imaging A new technology called spectral [color] computed tomography is at work on the Notre Dame campus, where researchers are giving the phrase "in living color" a new meaning.
Transforming Biomedical Imaging
Focus on ENERGY Innovative Plasma Aerodynamic Control Effectors designed by Clark Equipment Professor Thomas C. Corke, director of the Institute for Flow Physics and Control, are being used in a joint project with Professor Robert C. Nelson to enhance energy capture from a wind turbine and reduce the noise produced by it.
Focus on ENERGY
Iris Recognition Accuracy Biometrics researchers at Notre Dame have found errors in the National Institute of Standards and Technology report that discusses how iris aging affects the accuracy of iris recognition.
Iris Recognition Accuracy
Focus on SECURITY The texture of the iris has long been thought to be an unchanging biomarker. Studies of basis phenomena associated with iris recognition technologies conducted by researchers in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering have proven otherwise. This has led to changes in the ISO standard for iris template.
Focus on the ENVIRONMENT Notre Dame engineering faculty, in conjunction with researchers from Argonne National Laboratory, are developing thermodynamic and kinetic models of bacteria to better understand bacteria-water-rock interactions and predict heavy metal and radionuclide transport in the environment for both prevention and remediation efforts.
Focus on the ENVIRONMENT
Building a Top Turbine Engine Component Facility Notre Dame, in conjunction with five public and private partners, is constructing what will be the nation's foremost research and test facility for the turbine engine industry. Located in South Bend's Ignition Park, it will be fully operational in July 2016.
Building a Top Turbine Engine Component Facility

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Notre Dame engineering combines technical inquiry with a creative bent to develop innovators and innovations for the greater good that are consistent with our Catholic mission.