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Notre Dame California Launches Silicon Valley Semester

nwelding • Date: January 17, 2017

Some 175 years after Rev. Edward Sorin, C.S.C, trekked through the frozen Indiana wilderness to found the University of Notre Dame, 10 Notre Dame juniors majoring in computer science and engineering have begun their own journey to the University’s next frontier: Silicon Valley.

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Notre Dame, Condé Nast Announce New Research Collaboration on Content Consumption and Deep Learning

nwelding • Date: December 8, 2016

How each and every person consumes digital content is different, but University of Notre Dame researchers are working to better understand and model this process. The Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science and Applications at Notre Dame is partnering with Condé Nast – a media company known for producing high-quality content for the world’s most influential audiences – to advance deep learning research on content consumption.

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Milestone - Robert Bixler, Oral Candidacy

Robert Bixler

Robert Bixler, a CSE PhD candidate, successfully presented and defended his proposal; "Detecting Mind Wandering across Domains using Temporal Models of Eye Gaze" and has passed his Oral Candidacy Exam. His adviser, Dr. Sidney D'Mello and committee members, Dr. Adam Czjaka, Dr. Ron Metoyer, Dr. Chaoli Wang were in attendance.

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Congratulations! Dr. Nigel Bosch, PhD

Dr. Nigel Bosch, PhD

Nigel Bosch, a CSE PhD candidate, successfully presented and defended his dissertation; "Automatic Face-based Engagement Detection for Education" and will graduate with his PhD in January 2017. His adviser, Dr. Sidney D'Mello, along with his committee members, Dr. Patrick Flynn, Dr. Ron Metoyer and Dr. Aaron Striegel were in attendance.

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