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Morgen Anyan

Morgen E. Anyan


B.S. Washington State University-Civil and Environmental Engineering (2010)


While at Washington State University I worked as an undergraduate research assistant under Dr. Jeremy Rentz.  My research projects included evaluating cadmium sorption to biogenic iron oxides and investigating enhanced PAH degradation through salicylate addition.

I was an environmental intern with BP during the summer of 2010, during which time I conducted various EPA compliance surveys, investigated the correlation between plant operations and total sulfur emissions, and began compiling a data base to cross reference plant emission alarms with agency permit emission limits.

Summary of Activities/Interests

My research focuses on factors that affect the swarming motility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a ubiquitous, Gram negative bacterium.  Swarming is the coordinated group movement of cells across a surface, and is thought to aide P. aeruginosa's ability to form biofilms and colonize environmental niches.  I have specifically investigated how surface moisture, temperature, humidity and type IV pili affect swarm dynamics.

I am currently branching out to investigate how cadmium and nickel affect P. aeruginosa swarming and swimming motilities in order to better understand how heavy metals and bacteria interact.