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Morgen Anyan

Morgen E. Anyan


Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Washington State University (2010)


While at Washington State University I worked as an undergraduate research assistant under Dr. Jeremy Rentz and investigated cadmium and phosphorus sorption to biogenic iron oxides.  I confirmed and evaluated the ability of biogenic iron oxides to adsorb cadmium, and helped develop and test a filter system to maximize phosphorus removal from water.

During the summer of 2010 I was an environmental intern at the BP Cherry Point Refinery in Blaine, WA.  During my time there I conducted various EPA compliance surveys, investigated the correlation between plant operations and total sulfur emissions, and compiled a data base of emission alarms to cross reference with agency permit emission limits.

Summary of Activities/Interests

My research focuses on investigating the influence of type IV pili (TFP) on the swarming motility of the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  Most recently, my collaborators and I determined that TFP limit single cell movement within swarms, which results in slower overall swarm expansion.  

I am also researching the influence of cell motility mode on susceptibility to cadmium and nickel toxicity, and studying the influence of TFP on P. aeruginosa’s ability to sense and respond to nutrients and toxins.