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Alexander Mukasyan

Alexander Mukasyan


Phone: 574-631-9825

Office: 210 Stinson-Remick Hall


Sc.D. Institute of Structural Macrokinetics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1994

Ph.D. Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1986

M.S. Moscow Physical Engineering Institute, Russia, 1980


Junior Research Fellow, Institute of Chemical Physics, USSR Academy of Science (1980-1983)
Research Fellow, Institute of Chemical Physics, USSR Academy of Science (1983-1987)
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Structural Macrokinetics, USSR Acad. Science (1988-1993)
Laboratory Manager, Institute of Structural Macrokinetics, USSR Acad. Science (1993-1996)
Professional Specialist, Dept. Chem. Biom. Eng., University of Notre Dame (1997-1999)
Research Professor, Dept. Chem. Biom. Eng., University of Notre Dame (2000-present)
Director Manager, Adv. Elect. Microscopy Core, ND-Integr. Imaging Facility (2008-present)

Professional Activities

Regional Editor (North and South America), International Journal of Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis (2006)
Member, International Editorial Board Eurasian Chem.-Tech. Journal (2007)


Khachatur V Manukyan, Sergei Rouvimov, Eduardo E Wolf, Alexander S Mukasyan,
"Combustion Synthesis of Graphene Materials" - Carbon, 2013

Robert V Reeves, Alexander S Mukasyan, Steven F Son, "Transition from
Impact-induced Thermal Runaway to Prompt Mechanochemical Explosion in Nanoscaled
Ni/Al Reactive Systems" - Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics, 2013

Benjamin H Meekins, Ya-Cheng Lin, Joseph S Manser, Khachatur Manukyan,
Alexander S Mukasyan, Prashant V Kamat, Paul J McGinn, "Photoactive Porous
Silicon Nanopowder" - ACS applied materials & interfaces, 2013

Ya-Cheng Lin, Andrey A Nepapushev, Paul J McGinn, Alexander S Rogachev,
Alexander S Mukasyan, "Combustion Joinining of Carbon/Carbon Composites by a
Reactive Mixture of Titanium and Mechanically Activated Nickel/Aluminum Powders"
- Ceramics International, 2013

Dmitry O Moskovskikh, Alexander S Mukasyan, Alexander S Rogachev,
"Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of silicon carbide nanopowders" -
Doklady Physical Chemistry, 2013

SI Roslyakov, D Yu Kovalev, Alexander S Rogachev, Khachatur V Manukyan,
Alexander S Mukasyan, "Solution combustion synthesis: Dynamics of phase
formation for highly porous nickel" - Doklady Physical Chemistry, 2013

Alexander S Mukasyan, Ya-Cheng Lin, Alexander S Rogachev, Dmitry O
Moskovskikh, "Direct Combustion Synthesis of Silicon Carbide Nanopowder from the
Elements" - Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2013

Khachatur V Manukyan, Ya-Cheng Lin, Sergei Rouvimov, Paul J McGinn, Alexander
S Mukasyan, "Microstructure-reactivity relationship of Ti+ C reactive
nanomaterials" - Journal of Applied Physics, 2013

O Politano, F Baras, Alexander S Mukasyan, SG Vadchenko, Alexander S
Rogachev, "Microstructure development during NiAl intermetallic synthesis in
reactive Ni-Al nanolayers: Numerical investigations vs TEM observations" -
Surface and Coatings Technology, 2012

Khachatur V Manukyan, B Aaron Mason, Lori J Groven, Ya-Cheng Lin, Mathew
Cherukara, Steven F Son, Alejandro Strachan, Alexander S Mukasyan, "Tailored
Reactivity of Ni+ Al Nanocomposites: Microstructural Correlations" - The Journal
of Physical Chemistry C, 2012

Allison Cross, Anand Kumar, Eduardo E Wolf, Alexander S Mukasyan, "Combustion
Synthesis of a Nickel Supported Catalyst: Effect of Metal Distribution on the
Activity during Ethanol Decomposition" - Industrial & Engineering Chemistry
Research, 2012

N Golovchenko, O Bairakova, S Aknazarov, G Ksandopulo, Alexander S Mukasyan,
"Extraction of ferrotungsten from ores with Low WO3 content" - International
Journal of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis, 2012

G Carotenuto, A Kumar, J Miller, Alexander S Mukasyan, E Santacesaria,
Eduardo E Wolf, "Hydrogen production by ethanol decomposition and partial
oxidation over copper/copper-chromite based catalysts prepared by combustion
synthesis" - Catalysis Today, 2012

Ya-Cheng Lin, Paul J McGinn, Alexander S Mukasyan, "High temperature rapid
reactive joining of dissimilar materials: Silicon carbide to an aluminum alloy"
- Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 2012

Robert V Reeves, Alexander S Mukasyan, Steven Son, "Microstructural effects
on ignition sensitivity in Ni/Al systems subjected to high strain rate impacts"
- AIP Conference Proceedings, 2012

A.Rogachev A, Vadchenko S., .Mukasyan A., “Self-sustained waves of exothermic
dissolution in reactive multilayer nanofoils”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 063119

Hannora, A. Mukasyan, A. Mansurov, Z., “ Nanocrystalline Hydroxyapatite/Si
Coating by Mechanical Activation Technique”, Bioinorganic Chemistry and
Applications, Volume 2012, Article Number 390104, 14 pages (2012).

Lin, Ya-C., Ruiz E.M., Rateick R.G., McGinn P.J., Mukasyan A.S., “One-step
synthesis of a multi-functional anti-oxidation protective layer on the surface
of carbon/carbon composites”, Carbon, 50(2) 557-565 (2012).

Kumar, A.Wolf E.E., Mukasyan A.S., “Solution combustion synthesis of metal
nanopowders: Copper and copper/nickel alloys”, AIChE J., 57(12) 3473- 3479

Kumar, A.Wolf E.E., Mukasyan A.S., “Solution combustion synthesis of metal
nanopowders: Nickel—Reaction pathways”, AIChE J., 57(8), 2207-2214 (2011).

Lennon E.M. , Tanzy M.C. , Volpert V.A. , Mukasyan A.S., Bayliss A.,
“Combustion of reactive solutions impregnated into a cellulose carrier: Modeling
of two combustion fronts”, Chem. Eng. Journal, 174 (1) 333-340 (2011).

Mukasyan, A.S., Khina B.B., Reeves R.V., Son S.F., “Mechanical activation and
gasless explosion: Nanostructural aspects”, Chem. Eng. Journal, 174 (2-3)
677-686 (2011).

Kumar, A., Mukasyan A.S. and E. E. Wolf Combustion synthesis of Ni, Fe and Cu
multi-component catalysts for hydrogen production from ethanol reforming Applied
Catalysis A: General, 401(1-2), 20-28 (2011).

Reeves, R.V., Mukasyan A.S. and Son S.F. “Thermal and Impact Reaction
Initiation in Al-Ni Heterogeneous System”, J. Phys. Chem. C, 114, 35 14772-14780

Kumar, A., Mukasyan A.S. and E. E. Wolf, ” Modeling Impregnated layer
Combustion Synthesis of Catalysts for Hydrogen Generation from Oxidative
Reforming of Methanol”, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 49, 21,
11001-11008 (2010).

Ermekova, Z.S., Mansurov, Z.A., Mukasyan A.S., “Influence of Precursor
Morphology on the Microstructure of Silicon Carbide Nanopowder produced by
Combustion Syntheses”, Ceramics International, 36 (8) 2297-2305 (2010).

Shteinbertg, A.S., Lin, Ya-C., Son, S.F. and Mukasyan A.S., “Kinetics of High
Temperature Reaction in Ni-Al System: Influence of Mechanical Activation”, J.
Phys. Chem. A , 114, 6111–6116 (2010).

Ermekova, Z.S., Mansurov, Z.A., Mukasyan A.S., “Combustion Synthesis of
Silicon Nano- Powders”, International Journal of SHS, 19 (2), 96-103 (2010).

Kumar, A., Mukasyan A.S. and E. E. Wolf “ Impregnated Layer Combustion
Synthesis Method for Preparation of Complex Oxide Catalysts for Oxidative
Reforming of Methanol” Applied Catalysis A: General, 372(2), 175–183 (2010).

Mukasyan A.S., J. D.E. White, D.Y. Kovalev, N. A. Kochetov, V. I. Ponomarev,
S. F. Son, “Dynamics of Phase Transformation During Thermal Explosion in the
Al-Ni System: Influence of Mechanical Activation “ Physica B-Condesnsed Matter.,
405, 778–784 (2010).

For a full list of publications please see: Google Scholar


Medal of the Exhibition of the Technical Achievements (Moscow) (1996)

Academician of the International Inform. Academy (2001)

Paper citation Award AAAI Journal (2005)

Medal of Russian Academy of Sciences (2007)

Medal of Kazakhstan Ministry of Science (2009)

Paper citation Award J. Curr. Opin.Sol. State and Mat. Sci. (2011)

Summary of Activities/Interests

Author of 3 books, 6 invited reviews and more than 180 research publications in archive journals and patent letters in the fields of engineering of advanced materials and heterogeneous combustion. Current scientific interest is primarily related to nanotechnology, high energy density materials, joining of refractory and dissimilar materials and catalysis.

For more details on research projects please see:


ND Research Announces 2016 Internal Grant Awardees

May 4, 2016

Notre Dame Research has provided more than 35 researchers with awards from the Internal Grants Program for 2016.

College of Engineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department Announce International Collaboration

May 12, 2015

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has entered into a five-year agreement with the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology of the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, Chile, that encourages academic exchange and collaborative initiatives at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Notre Dame Center Named National Nuclear Security Administration Center of Excellence

July 8, 2013

The University’s Center for Shock Wave-processing of Advanced Reactive Materials (C-SWARM) was named a Single-Discipline Center by NNSA and will receive $1.6 million per year for five years under NNSA’s Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program II (PSAAP II) agreement.