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Huili (Grace) Xing

Huili (Grace) Xing

Contact Info

Phone: 574-631-9108
Office: 262 Fitpatrick Hall

Summary of Activities/Interests

Research Interests: The topics I work on now can be loosely categorized into 4 areas, supported by DoD, NSF, NRI and ND. 1). GaN based devices. The current projects include AlN/GaN ultrascaled high electron mobility transistors for high-speed high power applications, polarization doping for p-type in UV optoelectronic devices, negative differential resistance and plasma based THz sources for biomedical imaging and spectroscopy, wafer fused enabled hybrid structures. 2). nanowire enabled devices, including InGaN nanowires for high efficiency green emission and solar cells, II-VI nanowires for polarization sensitive wide spectrum photodetection etc. 3) graphene physics and devices. We investigate graphene based metamaterials for THz applications, lateral bandgap engineering in graphene, carrier electrostatics and transport, and optoelectronic responses, p-n junctions, field modulation and tunneling phenomena. 4) tunneling field effect transistors for high efficiency logic electronics, funded through the MIND center. We design, fabricate, test and understand III-V TFETs, perform high k dielectric deposition and characterization.

Courses: Fund of Semicond/Physics


Ph.D, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2003


I was born in China to a medical doctors' family. I got my Bachelor Degree in Physics from Peking University. After that, I pursued a Master Degree in Material Science and Engineering at Lehigh University. Wanting to work with devices that use wonderful material properties, I went to the University of California at Santa Barbara for my Ph.D. and eventually had my degree in Electrical Engineering. At Peking University I worked with Prof. Hongdu Liu on fabricating and testing optical fiber grating using excimer lasers. At Lehigh University I worked with Prof. Slade Cargill III on characterizing optoelectric materials using cathodoluminescence. At UCSB I worked with Profs. Umesh Mishra, Steve DenBaars, Jim Speck and Evelyn Hu on GaN-based material growth and devices. I joined Notre Dame in 2004.