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Prakash Nallathamby

Prakash D. Nallathamby

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Research Assistant Professor
College of Engineering

Email: pnallath@nd.edu

Phone: 574-631-5735

Office: 145 Multidisciplinary Research Building


Gordon Battelle Postdoctoral Fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2013

Ph.D. Old Dominion University, 2010

B.Tech. Center for Biotechnology - A.C.Tech., Anna University, 2003


Prakash D. Nallathamby is a research assistant professor with a joint appointment at the center for nanoscience and technology (NDnano). His goal is to facilitate the use of nanoparticle-enabled technologies in research labs across campus. He is a nanoparticle engineer with more than 12 years of multidisciplinary expertise in the synthesis of nanomaterials, biomedical imaging, cancer biology, nanotoxicology, and targeted therapeutics/ diagnostics. 

Summary of Activities/Interests

The broad scope of his research interest is to use nanoparticles as tools in: (1) biomedical research and development, (2) anisotropic modular platform technologies, (3) scaled up industrial applications, (4) environmental cleanup, and (5) computational modelling. The driving force behind his research is to use his unique interdisciplinary research experience with nanoscale sensor materials, to elucidate inter-cell trafficking and defense mechanisms of abnormal cells (e.g. cancer) with the aim of exploiting this knowledge for early detection and targeted therapies. He has secondary research interests in nanotoxicology and scaling up the synthesis of nanomaterials from lab scale to pilot scale with a niche focus on anisotropic and Janus nanoparticles. His other interests include the application of plasmonic nanomaterials in the field of metamaterials, environmentally friendly synthetic techniques of renewable energy sources, and new approaches for the scalable synthesis of highly crystalline, non-sintered metal oxides (gadolinium oxide, hafnium oxide, iron oxide and molybdenum oxides) 

He has won multiple awards as a consultant for Innocentive (crowdsource initiative by former Eli Lilly scientists), and is a successful co-applicant for research grants in an academic setting. His combined work experience in industry, academics, and as a consultant gives him a diverse skillset that will allow him to continue to build on his strong interdisciplinary research under the NDnano umbrella, by collaborating with affiliated faculty from a wide field of research areas and in related institutions nationally and internationally. Please feel free to contact him for collaborative and partnership opportunities by email or LinkedIn.

Research Highlights

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Currently, there are research opportunities for undergraduates in my lab. Research can be done for credit (AME 48491). Research will involve basic nanoparticle synthesis, their modifications and their subsequent application in a model biological system. Previous participants are in the process of  publishing their research in peer-reviewed journals and will present their work at an international conference.

Please feel free to email me (pnallath@nd.edu) if you would like to learn more about these opportunities

Undergraduate/ Early Graduate Research Publication Opportunities

We invite the authors to submit high-quality original research articles that primarily exploit evolving technology for the enrichment of knowledge pertaining to the thorough understanding of nanotoxicity. Also, this special issue intends to cover full-length review articles that are focused on state-of-the-art microfluidic models and strategies to facilitate the assessment of nanotoxicity in a physiologically relevant environment.