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Stephen Batill

Stephen Batill

Email: batill@nd.edu

Phone: 574-631-0601

Office: 360 Fitzpatrick Hall


B.S., M.S., Ph.D, Aerospace Engineering


Dr. Batill's degrees are in aerospace engineering and early in his career he worked in the area of aeroelasticity, a very challenging technical discipline that exists at the intersection of two other disciplines - aerodynamics and structures. He then began to include more technical disciplines into the problem and began teaching and exploring research interests in aircraft design and that eventually lead to developing research and teaching activities in multidisciplinary analysis, design and optimization with applications to many different kinds of components, products or systems. His current research and teaching interests are in area of design methodology which involves both the development of new engineering design methods and the study of the science of design. Of particular interest are: modeling the interaction between the technical factors, business factors and human factors during the design process; exploring the role of questions during design team interactions; and using design process simulations in design research and education

Selected Publications

  • Daalhuizen, J., Badke-Schaub, P., Batill, S.M., "Dealing with Uncertainty in Design Practice: Issues for Designer-Centered Methodology," International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED'09, Stanford, CA, August 2009.
  • Padmanabhan, D., Agarwal, H., Renaud, J.E., Batill, S.M., "A study using Monte Carlo Simulation for failure probability calculation in Reliability-Based Optimization," Optimization and Engineering, Volume 7, Number 3, pp. 297-316, September 2006.
  • Uhran, J.J., Batill, S.M., Silliman, S.E.,"A Curriculum Renovation Revisited," 35th ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, Indianapolis, IN, October 2005.
  • Padmanabhan, D, Agarwal, H., Renaud, J.E., Batill, S.M., 2003, "Monte Carlo Simulation on Reliability-Based Optimization Using Approximation Concepts", Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Uncertainty Modeling and Analysis (ISUMA-2003), pp. 298-303, Ed: Ayyub, B.M., Attoh-Okine, N.O., Published by the IEEE Computer Society, College Park, MD, September 21-24.
  • Gu, X., Renaud, J.E., Ashe, L.M., Batill, S.M., Budhiraja, A.S., Krajewski, L.J., "Decision Based Collaborative Optimization under Uncertainty", ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, Volume 124, Number 1, pp. 1- 13, March 2002.

More info: http://engineering.nd.edu/departments/ame/research/current-research-of-dr.-stephen-batill

Summary of Activities/Interests

Research Interests: Design of systems and products, design methodology
Courses: Design Methodology, Senior Design Project