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Partner Spotlights

Schurz Communications and Notre Dame CSE Department Team Up for Innovation Challenge

The University of Notre Dame’s Computer Science & Engineering program is collaborating with Schurz Communications on a first-of-its-kind “innovation challenge,” beginning fall 2012. Undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty will be asked to consider real-world digital solutions and opportunities for 21st-century media companies. A first area of focus will be mobile development.

Schurz Communications, a cable, high-speed data, TV, radio, print and digital media company, will award large cash prizes for winning prototypes that meet agreed guidelines. Participating students may also compete for local, statewide and national media recognition and opportunities to turn their new digital solutions into new digital businesses.

To enliven projects, students and faculty will also receive secure access to custom feeds, API’s and real-world datasets from Schurz Communications’ wide array of media businesses.

GE, Notre Dame, and a Greener Building

GE LogoGE and Notre Dame engineering have enjoyed a long and productive relationship based on a strong track record of recruitment and support for new avenues of innovative research. When the University announced it would like to make the newest engineering building, Stinson-Remick Hall, more energy efficient, GE recognized the opportunity to advance the relationship and help the University strive for LEED certification using GE innovations. Working with the University architect's office and the Notre Dame Energy Center, GE provided a 200-panel solar unit which has been installed on the roof of the new building. Thanks to GE's generosity, students can study alternative energy production firsthand, while also monitoring trends in cost savings and emissions reduction.

GE Sponsored  Solar Panel with Notre Dame Engineering StudentsStinson-Remick Hall

Global Internship Program with IBM & Notre Dame

IBM LogoIBM and Notre Dame have come together on an exciting new Global Internship Program. Launched in summer 2010, the program affords a remarkable opportunity for five undergraduates and two graduate students from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering to work with IBM researchers on the ground in Beijing, China. Professor X. Sharon Hu served as the faculty adviser on the trip to Beijing to meet Notre Dame students and oversee the research project development. Currently, students are living in Beijing and commuting to the IBM Global Research Center, one of eight such IBM centers worldwide, and collaborating alongside IBM researchers on problems related to global IT infrastructure.

Go Irish iBots

Motorola LogoiBotsThe Motorola Foundation and Notre Dame recently collaborated on the 2010 Mechatronic Football Competition. The Fighting iBots Blue & Gold game has become one of Notre Dame's springtime traditions coinciding with the human Blue & Gold Game. This year's competition, which was sponsored by the Motorola Foundation, saw another round of spirited action and demonstrated important design considerations, teamwork, and strategy while offering engineering students an opportunity to address real-life engineering challenges such as design robustness and control systems.

Aerospace Leadership and Innovation

Boeing LogoBoth with long records in aerospace leadership and innovation, the Boeing Company and Notre Dame have enjoyed a successful partnership based upon recruiting, research, programmatic, and student support. As a research partner of the University's Institute for Flow Physics and Control, Boeing has worked with faculty and students for more than a decade to address research and development challenges related to flow control, aero-optic systems, aero-acoustics, multi-phase flow problems, sensors, controls, and computer simulations. The signing of a new Master Sponsored Boeing ResearchResearch Agreement in August 2009 was another step forward in the ongoing relationship. In addition to research, student internship, and hiring opportunities, Boeing provides more than $100,000 annually for undergraduate scholarships for women in engineering along with student group support for women and diversity in engineering.

Creating Win-Win Situations

Xerox LogoThe goal of all corporate partners is to create win-win situations for their companies and the universities they choose to affiliate with. The Xerox Corporation is no exception. As a corporate partner with Notre Dame, Xerox plays a key role developing robust relationships between their organization and the academy - a partnership that will continue to provide the company with new talent, opportunities for collaborative research, and positive publicity, while giving the University access to long-term strategic partnerships that benefit students and faculty alike. For Notre Dame and Xerox, the key intersection has been the Women's Engineering Program.Xerox group

Xerox places a strong emphasis on diversity in the workplace and has been eager to help fill the pipeline with talented Notre Dame women. To that end, the company has provided annual gifts for undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships to encourage the study of engineering among female students. The company also employs a number of alumni and provides undergraduate internship opportunities as well. In addition, Xerox was one of the first official corporate sponsors of Notre Dame athletics.