2016-2017 Engineering Peer Mentors Alicia Czarnecki, Nico Garcia, Luis Lazalde, Jamie Maher, Monica McFadden, Joseph Mullen, Wai Yeng Wong, Liliquoy Wick
2016-2017 Engineering Peer Mentors

Welcome to the Engineering Peer Mentors

The Engineering Peer Mentors are a group of junior and senior engineers available to help you learn about life as an engineer at the University of Notre Dame. We are here to answer any of your questions and introduce you to all that Notre Dame has to offer. A great way to get to know us, and your fellow engineers, is by attending the weeknight activities that we, the Mentors, host.

We are a student group aiming to aid students in the First Year of Studies program with the intent to enroll in the College of Engineering. Throughout the year, we hold various events connecting students with engineering culture and opportunities to learn more about majors within the College that might capture their interest. We also organize charity events with an emphasis on freshmen student participation, but these are also open to the entire College.