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Engineering Computer Clusters

Cushing Computer Cluster

A list of all the available machines in clusters and classrooms throughout the College of Engineering is published by Engineering & Science Computing (ESC). You can access it from the ESC website. ESC operates and maintains academic computing infrastructure for the college, instructional labs, licensed software for students and faculty, and printing facilities, which are located in various buildings across campus.


Engineering Library

Engineering Library

The Engineering Library is part of the University Libraries of Notre Dame. It houses important materials and aids for the areas of engineering, geological sciences, and computer science.


Poster Printing

College of Engineering faculty and students may have posters for seminars, presentations, competitions, and courses printed by sending them  to  help@esc.nd.edu (attn: Kevin Drew).

Simply prepare the file as a pdf, provide the poster's dimensions in the e-mail to help@esc.nd.edu, identify a due date when you need to pick up the completed poster, and give your contact information, along with a FOAPAL number or method of payment.