Learn about the Curriculum The two courses offer an overview of general business practices.
Learn about the Curriculum
Student View Read about the views of former students about the importance of learning business skills with their engineering degree.
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Meet the Experienced Professors Both instructors have years of experience in industry which brings a unique perspective to the class material.
Meet the Experienced Professors

Welcome to the Integrated Engineering and Business Practices Program

The program is a two-course sequence of the College of Engineering. It focuses on providing highly skilled engineers with the knowledge of business processes to enhance their technical skills and to position them for accelerated success in their careers.


Society expects engineers to contribute to the greater good through technology -- creating new products and processes. Industry, on the other hand, is looking for engineers who, while they are technically astute, employ the concepts, practices, and skills needed to succeed in today's business environment. The business leadership of the future will be filled by engineers who combine strong technical skills with a keen understanding of how organizations function.

Notre Dame's Integrated Engineering and Business Practices provides students with the knowledge and skill needed to be successful engineering in the workplace.  The two-course sequence focuses on the fundamental processes of business, the areas of a corporation, and managerial skills.  This along with an understanding of the role of engineers in business will help make undergrads more effective in the workplace and help prepare them to make significant contributions to a business enterprise. 

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Todd Taylor

Todd Taylor

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Todd Taylor

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Questions about the Program?

Questions regarding the program can be e-mailed to the program's director, Robert L. Alworth at ralworth@nd.edu.