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Second Course

Advanced Integrated Engineering and Business

Building on the Integrated Business and Engineering Fundamentals Course, this course focuses on solidifying the understanding of core business processes and exploring in depth the personal leadership skills that drive success.

Students will apply their business and team skills by running a simulated company during a team-based, semester long competition.  During the competition students will perform weekly analysis of business results including forecasting success, product placement, market share and financial results. Based on these results students will make weekly decisions as to what markets to enter, products to create and sell, product pricing, manufacturing capacity and production quantities and how to best finance the enterprise.  The competition provides a great opportunity for students to exercise and reinforce the core business concepts in a non-threatening environment.

Business Practices Class 2Ability to effectively present ideas is a core skill and a key part of the foundation for success.  Students will learn techniques and tips to provide very effective business presentations and will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their presentation skills several times during the semester.

Understanding oneself and others is another primary skill.  Students will study emotional intelligence and the core competencies of emotionally intelligent engineers.  Students will be able to assess their own skills and areas for improvement to establish a foundation for success in their careers.

Much of the second half of the course will focus on leadership.  The core roles of leaders and the characteristics of effective leadership will be studied.  This includes a review of behavioral styles as well as different leadership styles.  General leadership topics such as pay and benefits, work environment etc. will also be covered.  Guest speakers and case studies will be used to explore in depth key leadership examples.