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Study Abroad

Notre Dame and the College of Engineering encourage students to participate in international study programs. These experiences, typically available during your junior year and summer breaks, develop leadership skills and build respect and understanding for different cultures. 

Notre Dame International (NDI) offers many study abroad programs, but each of them will have a unique set of course offerings. The College of Engineering has coordinated with NDI to arrange for several of the locations to offer a significant number of technical courses that would allow a student to enjoy an overseas study opportunity and still graduate in four years. The current programs include:  

Entire academic year engineering program: Dublin, Ireland

Semester-long engineering programs:  Perth, Australia; Santiago, Chile; Cairo, Egypt; London, England; Dublin, Ireland; Rome, Italy; and Puebla, Mexico  

Summer abroad engineering programs:  Auckland, New Zealand; Bejing, China; London, England (London Summer Program for chemical engineering students); Dublin, Ireland; Berlin, GermanyRome, Italy; and Alcoy, Spain

Engineering students can study in other locations than those listed above, but these other locations will typically not have any technical courses, which may impact the ability to graduate in four years. Students desiring to study in these locations should meet with their academic advisers at the earliest opportunity to discuss options that are open to them and that are the best fit to their academic goals.  

For more information, talk to your adviser and visit the International Study Programs Web site at https://studyabroad.nd.edu/




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