The 5 Competencies

Kelsey Farr during her GCSP presentation

Students in the Grand Challenges Scholars Program develop and pursue a path to achieve the five competencies required for the program.

Research Project or Experience

Plan a research project or experience that addresses one of the National Academy of Engineering’s 14 Grand Challenges:

  • Advancing Personalized Medicine
  • Making Solar Energy Economical
  • Enhancing Virtual Reality
  • Reverse-Engineering the Brain
  • Engineering Better Medicines
  • Restoring and Improving Urban Infrastructure
  • Securing Cyberspace
  • Providing Access to Clean Water
  • Providing Energy from Fusion
  • Preventing Nuclear Terror
  • Managing the Nitrogen Cycle
  • Developing Carbon Sequestration Methods
  • Engineering the Tools of Scientific Discovery

Interdisciplinary Coursework

  • Take University Core Curriculum (Fine Arts, Social Science, Theology, Philosophy, Science, Mathematics, History, Moreau First Year Course)
  • Take two courses that address your Grand Challenge from a different perspective (public policy, business, law, ethics, human behavior, risk, or medicine).
GCSP student Timothy Burley presenting his project

Business/Entrepreneurship Experience

GCSP student Lillian Rodriguez during her presentation on Restoring and Improving Urban Infrastructure
  • Engage with one of the following: Notre Dame Idea Center; Notre Dame ESTEEM; Notre Dame California Initiative; or related summer internship OR
  • Take two of the following classes: Entrepreneurial Insights (BAUG 20500); Boardroom Insights (BAUG 30209); Integrated Engineering and Business Fundamentals I (EG 40421); Integrated Engineering and Business Fundamentals II (EG 40422); Case Studies in Computing-based Entrepreneurship (CSE 40923).

Multicultural/Global Experience

Participate in one of the following: Engineering Summer International Study; Notre Dame International Study Abroad; Notre Dame International Undergraduate Research project; ND Center for Social Concerns Overseas Learning Opportunity; overseas internship experience; NDSEED International Experience; ND Engineers without Borders; Bowman Creek Project.

Social Consciousness/Community Engagement

Use your engineering skills for the betterment of the community in a way that that enhances understanding of your Grand Challenge. You can select opportunities available through, or create a new one.