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Research Areas

Wind tunnel researchCurrent research efforts within the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering are in the areas of flow physics and controls; biomedical science and engineering; mechanics, computation and design; and energy and thermosciences.

Flow Physics and Control Focus Areas

Multiphase flows; fluid-structure interactions; aero-optics; intelligent control; aero-acoustics; turbomachinery; and wind energy.

Biomedical Science and Engineering Focus Areas

Biomaterials; tissue engineering; biomedical imaging; biofluidics; cardiovascular biology; cell mechanics and molecular modeling; regenerative medicine and rehabilitation robotics.

Mechanics, Computation, and Design Focus Areas

Multiscale material modeling and design; computational bioengineering; multiphysics modeling; controls and robotics; and design automation.

Energy/Thermal Sciences Focus Areas

Nanoscale heat transfer; microfluidics; combustion; heat transfer; thermodynamics; transport; bioanalytical systems; atomic and molecular physics; electronmagnetic phenomena; and multiscale modeling.