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Professor Suman Datta

Suman Datta

Stinson Professor of Nanotechnology, Department of Electrical Engineering

Director, ASCENT

Areas of Interest

Nanoelectronic device modeling, fabrication, characterization; ultra-low voltage computing applications for energy autonomous systems, millimeter wave integrated circuits; convergence between life sciences and solid-state technologies

Professor Kyle Doudrick

Kyle Doudrick

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Areas of Interest

Physical-chemical drinking water treatment; sustainable water treatment technologies; photoelectrochemistry; photocatalysis; solar conversion of water to energy; nanomaterial metrology; fate and transport of nanomaterials in the environment; human health and societal implications of nanotechnology

Professor Alex Dowling

Alexander Dowling

Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Areas of Interest

Multiscale systems engineering; computational optimization; uncertainty quantification and statistical machine learning; sustainable energy technologies

Sourav Dutta

Sourav Dutta

Research Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

Emerging device architecture exploration and implementation to enable brain-inspired computing