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Monisha Ghosh

Monisha Ghosh

Professor, Electrical Engineering

EE Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Areas of Interest

Wireless networks (PHY and MAC), communication systems, signal processing, spectrum sharing and coexistence, wireless broadband mapping and measurements, and experimental methods

Professor David Go

David Go

Viola D. Hank Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Vice President and Associate Provost for Academic Strategy

Areas of Interest

Plasma science and engineering, heat transfer and energy conversion, microfluidics and sprays

Craig Goehler

Associate Teaching Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Interest

Biomechanics, musculoskeletal modeling and simulation, human-robot interaction, robotic manipulator kinematics, mechanism analysis and synthesis, computer aided design (CAD)

Diego Gomez-Zara

Diego Gómez-Zará

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Areas of Interest

Social Networks, computer-supported cooperative work, computational social science, data science, user behavior, and human-computer interaction

Professor Victoria Goodrich

Victoria Goodrich

Teaching Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Advisor, Society of Women Engineers

Professor J. William Goodwine

J. William Goodwine

Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Interest

Geometric non-linear control theory with robotic applications; engineering mechanics and dynamics

Professor Stanislav Gordeyev

Stanislav Gordeyev

Associate Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Interest

Aero-optical properties of transonic boundary layers and shear layers

Emily Grubert

Emily Grubert

Associate Professor of Sustainable Energy Policy

Concurrent Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Areas of Interest

Macro energy systems; socioenvironmental assessment; multicriteria decision systems

Ruilan Guo

Ruilan Guo

Frank M. Freimann Collegiate Professor of Engineering

Areas of Interest

Design, synthesis, and characterization of polymer materials; polymer membranes for energy-efficient gas separations; ionic polymers for clean energy and water purification