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Professor J. Nicholas Laneman

J. Nicholas Laneman

Professor, Electrical Engineering

Co-Director, Wireless Institute; Associate Chair for Graduate Studies

Areas of Interest

Communications systems, information theory, signal processing

David Leighton

Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Areas of Interest

Suspension mechanics, separations

Professor Mike Lemmon

Michael Lemmon

Professor, Electrical Engineering

Areas of Interest

Impact of communication on control, real-time systems, complex dynamical systems

Craig Lent

Frank M. Freimann Professor, Electrical Engineering

Areas of Interest

Quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA)

Professor Hai Lin

Hai Lin

Professor, Electrical Engineering

Areas of Interest

Robotics, control theory, formal methods, cyber-physical systems, multi-robot cooperative tasking, human machine collaboration

Professor Lei Liu

Lei Liu

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering

Areas of Interest

Millimeter- and submillimeter-wave device and circuit design, modeling, and testing; quasi-optical techniques; terahertz detectors for imaging and spectroscopy; novel microwave materials and devices; superconducting electronics; microfabrication and processing.

Professor Iossif Lozovatsky

Iossif Lozovatsky

Research Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Areas of Interest

Physical oceanography, including marine turbulence, air-sea interaction, bottom boundary layer processes in shallow waters, topography related mixing in coastal and deep oceans

Luo, Tengfei

Tengfei Luo

Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Interest

Molecular simulations; machine learning; materials informatics; smart manufacturing; nanoscale heat and mass transfer; water desalination