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Professor Alexandro

Alexandros Taflanidis

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Areas of Interest

Computational statistics; uncertainty quantification; natural hazard risk assessment; disaster risk reduction; optimization under uncertainty

Profile Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor

Research Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Areas of Interest

Blockchain, machine learning, MANETs, open data access, Cloud computing, Web dashboards/APIs, big data applications, and distributed scientific workflow

Todd Taylor

Todd Taylor

Associate Teaching Professor

Director, Summer International Engineering; Associate Director, Integrated Engineering and Business Practices Program

Professor Dougals Thain

Douglas Thain

Professor and Associate Department Chair, Computer Science and Engineering

Areas of Interest

Distributed computing, scientific computing, cloud computing, grid computing, operating systems, open source software, file and storage systems, compilers and languages

Professor Flint Thomas

Flint Thomas

Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Interest

Experimental fluid dynamics/aerodynamics; turbulence; flow stability; advanced signal processing techniques; flow control

Professor Ashley Thrall

Ashley Thrall

Myron and Rosemary Noble Collegiate Professor of Structural Engineering

Areas of Interest

Behavior, design and optimization of kinetic civil infrastructure such as bridges, shelters, and buildings including modular systems that are rapidly moveable, erectable, and deployable.

Professor Gregory Timp

Gregory Timp

H. Clifford and Evelyn A. Brosey Professor of Engineering

Areas of Interest

Nanobiotechnology; biophysics; single molecule detection; protein nanopore sequencing; secretome detection and transfection; synthetic tissue; cancer metastasis; induced pluripotent stem cells; visualizing live cell physiology with high-resolution using STEM