Marie Bond

Restoring and Improving Urban Infrastructure

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Emily Brady

Urban Infrastructure — Heritage Architecture

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Christian Dennis

Urban Infrastructure and Improving Residential Quality of Life

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Julia Dillhoff

Engineering Better Medicines

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Kelsey Farr

Hybrid and Networked Vehicles

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Hannah Gillespie

Human-Centered Design with Haiti

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Henry Hentges

Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Growing Global Population

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Collin Kemper

Providing Clean Water in Jamaica

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Cassondra Kronenberg

Graphine-Based Iron Carbide for Fuel Cell Applications

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Maria Krug

Engineering Better Medicines

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Andrew Lucchesi

Cleaner Air with the Help of Catalysts

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Brian McGee

Optimizing Blocking and Bypass Diodes

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Daniel Mikovits

Renewable Energy and Energy Harvesting

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Pascal Phoa

Enhancing Virtual Reality

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Lillian Rodriguez

Restoring and Improving Urban Infrastructure

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Nicolas Saladino

Sustainability of Clean Water Access

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Grace Schippers

Human-Centered Design with Haiti

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