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Andrew Lucchesi

Project Title

Cleaner Air with the Help of Catalysts

Project Description

Regarding my project, I am currently researching the activity of various catalysts in the dry reform of methane. Methane dry reform is a chemical reaction that is paramount to the main goal of my Grand Challenge, which is to provide carbon sequestration methods. This reaction provides a pathway for dirty methane gas to be removed from the air and then converted into C2 hydrocarbons, which have widespread applications in industry. Catalysts are used to speed this reaction up, simplifying the conversion process of Methane to C2. I am currently researching which catalysts yield the largest amount of C2 hydrocarbons, as the more methane that can be taken out of the air, the better. By conducting this research, I am continuing to pursue my dream of using my Notre Dame chemical engineering degree to help better the lives of those worldwide, as I believe that clean air (with less methane) is a necessity to which everyone should have access.

Department Affiliation

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering