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Brian McGee

Project Title

Optimizing Blocking and Bypass Diodes

Project Description

Blocking and bypass diodes work to decrease the losses of a network of solar cells. Blocking diodes look to “block” reverse current from going through the network of cells. This diode is place in series with cells so that even when they are not producing power, the storage of energy will not spill back into the network. Bypass diodes allow for a conductive path to exist even when a cell is faulty. To accomplish this, bypass diodes are ideally put into parallel with one cell.

Our project looks to optimize blocking and bypass diodes for space application. Devices in space require a beyond full proof rating, a miniscule weight, and an optimal amount of losses. We are looking to design and test diodes, in cooperation with a third-party company, that meet these specific needs.

Department Affiliation

Department of Electrical Engineering