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Daniel Mikovits

Project Title

Renewable Energy & Energy Harvesting

Project Description

I am working with Professor Patrick Fay to develop a series of educational modules describing the processes and benefits of energy harvesting.

Department Affiliation

Department of Electrical Engineering

Courses Related to My Project

Courses related to my project include the Integrated Engineering & Business Practices sequence, as well as technical courses within my department such as "Photonics," "Power Systems," a well as energy studies minor electives.

Business/Entrepreneurship Opportunities

I plan to utilize the experience I gain from business/energy courses and other campus resources, like the ND IDEA Center, to build a plan  on how to grow and market the educational modules I am developing.

Global Perspective

As part of my coursework, I plan to either participate in the Engineering Summer Study Abroad in Ireland or the new Energy Internship/Study Abroad program in New Zealand.

Community Engagement

I plan to take my educational modules to organizations and schools [presenting at the middle-school level or above] to schools in the South Bend area, in and around Jackson, Mich., and at the Cook Library and Arts Center in Grand Rapids, Mich.