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Daniel Mikovits

Project Title

Renewable Energy & Energy Harvesting

Project Description

My current plan is to work with Professor Patrick Fay in the Department of Electrical Engineering on efficiently harvesting energy from latent radio waves in order to power low-energy devices.

Department Affiliation

Department of Electrical Engineering

Courses Related to My Project

The Business of Energy and Environmental Justice are two courses related to my project. In addition, at least two other non-engineering classes from the electives that count toward the Energy Studies minor are related to my project.

Business/Entrepreneurship Opportunities

I will be taking the Business of Energy course, and I'd like to take at least one more business class related to engineering. I also plan to get involved with the Notre Dame IDEA Center to at least some degree, and I think it'd be phenomenal to join a entrepreneurship group if the opportunity arises.

Global Perspective

As part of my coursework, I plan to either participate in the Engineering Summer Study Abroad in Ireland or the new Energy Internship/Study Abroad program in New Zealand.

Community Engagement

Through the Center for Social Concerns I participated in a Summer Service Learning Program in Grand Rapids, Mich., working with the Cook Library and Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanities. I helped with multiple summer programs for underprivileged and minority kids in the area. The programs are STEAM-focused (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), and the specific theme for the summer was Energize! with an emphasis on different kinds of energy.