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Delany Bolton

Portrait photo of Delaney Bolton

Project Title

Environmental Analysis with Particle Physics

Project Description

I will be working with Professor Graham Peaslee to detect environmental contaminants in consumer goods through the use of a particle accelerator. My goal for my project is to use particle physics technology to enhance our interaction with the environment and enable us to leave a less damaging footprint behind.

Department Affiliation

Department of Electrical Engineering

Courses Related to My Project

Although I may find that many courses are related to my project, the two that immediately come to mind are "The Science and Strategy of Nuclear War" and "Environmental Justice."

Business/Entrepreneurship Opportunities

I will be participating in the College of Engineering's Leadership Training program.

Global Perspective

One of the best ways to gain a global perspective is to travel and live in another country. I will be participating in the Spring 2019 study abroad program in Perth, Australia.

Community Engagement

I am active in a service project with the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences called Mulch Madness, hosted by the City of South Bend's Near Northwest Neighborhood and Notre Dame Student Government.