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Grace Schippers

Project Title

Human-Centered Design with Haiti

Project Description

For my Grand Challenges project, I am addressing the issue of clean water access in Haiti. In order to have the most effective involvement in the Haitian community, I am working in coordination with a few of my peers and the Keough School of Global Affairs, which has cultivated relationships with several outstanding members of the community in Leogane, Haiti. This connection includes access to a team of people on the ground in Haiti with whom we are working to implement effective solutions to water accessibility problems.

The first step of this project, completed in fall 2018, included evaluating the state of the average person's access to potable water and the implications of their lifestyle on the nature of their water consumption. This was done through a survey, focus groups, and interviews on the ground in Leogane.

From there, our team has been working on understanding what underlying issues exist and what root causes are perpetuating an inability to access clean water. Once this investigation is completed, we will work on brainstorming solutions. These could include a variety of strategies such as developing a product to more effectively treat water, promoting a method of determining water’s potability, or implementing educational programs for treatment protocols. Once this is determined, a strategy for implementation can be created to assist in creating a sustainable, long-term, executable, and permanent improvement in clear water accessibility in Haiti.

Department Affiliation

Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering