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Marie Bond

Project Title

Sustainable Infrastructure in Urban and Developing Areas

Project Description

I am hoping to work on the Engineering2Empower research team under the guidance of Professor Alexandros Taflanidis and have also applied to conduct research on his team through the Keough School of Global Affairs.

Another research area open to me involves studying the effects of a reliable clean water source on the livelihood of citizens in underdeveloped communities. Water is an essential ingredient to life, and I believe that it affects many aspects of our lives, such as success in school.

Department Affiliation

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

Courses Related to My Project

I have already completed the University Core Curriculum for social science, philosophy, science, mathematics, Moreau, and literature. Over the next three years, I will complete the curriculum for fine arts, history and theology.

This summer, I completed the Ethical and Professional Issues in Engineering at the University of Notre Dame's campus in Rome, Italy.

I also want to take a communications class, such as Introduction to Communication or Interpersonal Communication.

Business/Entrepreneurship Opportunities

In Rome this summer, I also completed Integrated Engineering and Business Fundamentals.  In the coming semesters, I plan to take the second course in that series or Entrepreneurial Insights.

Global Perspective

In addition to studying abroad in Rome this past summer,  I hope to study abroad in Perth, Australia during my junior year. Furthermore, I am a project lead of Notre Dame's Engineering without Borders chapter and will be traveling to Cameroon, Africa, this August for a monitoring and assessment trip. As the project lead, I will be continuing my global travel and service throughout my four years at Notre Dame.

Community Engagement

As a member of the Notre Dame chapter of Engineers without Borders, I have been able to utilize my engineering skills to serve communities in underdeveloped communities around the world.

I have also been able to use my skills closer to home. For example, last December I participated in an Urban Plunge in Pittsburgh, Pa. I learned a lot from that experience, and I hope to participate in more service learning trips through the Center for Social Concerns, including a service trip to Appalachia.