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Targeting Radiation Therapies


PUBLISHED: June 18, 2014

Professors Chen & Hu
Professors X. Sharon Hu and Danny Z. Chen.

While X-rays and other imaging techniques have long been used to identify broken bones or help locate tumors, new technologies developed at Notre Dame are being used to improve the quality of medical images and provide more accurate diagnoses, radiation dosage assessments, and therapeutic radiation treatments. Professors Danny Z. Chen and X. Sharon Hu — along with their research team in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and in conjunction with researchers at the University of Iowa, the University of Maryland School of Medicine, the University of New Mexico, the University College of London, and several U.S. medical companies — have been solving problems in radiation cancer treatment and medical imaging. The algorithms they have developed for radiation cancer treatment planning and delivery produce radiation therapy plans that deliver a more accurate dosage in a shorter time period (60 percent faster) than current commercial treatment planning systems and other algorithms. Delivering accurate dosages more quickly allows hospitals to treat more cancer patients, reduces treatment costs for both hospitals and patients, and decreases the risk of over dosage.