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    Media Literacy Course in the College of Engineering

    Media Literacy Slide

From papermaking in ancient China to the first daily newspaper, the invention of the telegraph to the world's first communication satellite, media [the ways and tone of communications] has grown to become an integral part of life today. One cannot overestimate the influence of media in today's society, making the understanding and use of media fundamental to almost any work related to global affairs.

The purpose of this three-day, one-credit course, titled “Media and Global Affairs,” MGA 60705, is to explore how media — including social media — works and how it is used for social good and manipulation and disinformation.

Beginning March 12, the course is being offered by the Keough School of Global Affairs in collaboration with the College of Engineering and the Kellogg Institute for International Studies. Open to both graduate students and undergraduates, registration is available now through the first day of class by contacting Michael Talbot, Associate Director, Master of Global Affairs, at the Keough School.