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About the Course

Understanding and using media are now fundamental to almost any work in global affairs, particularly in the fields of public policy, international development and advocacy. This one-credit course, Media and Global Affairs, MGA 60705, is designed to give you an overview of how the media work and how the media gets worked, both for social good and manipulation and disinformation.

“There’s this coordinated effort among state actors
to push specific narratives. This course will explore
the social and technical processes that drive the spread of information and push certain narratives, whether by robots on Twitter, user-spam on Facebook or through vote manipulation on Reddit or YouTube.”

You will learn from and interact with guest speakers, real-time examples and case studies about how media, particularly social media, shape messages and change public opinion. Topics include:

      • media literacy in a digital age
      • social media messaging
      • fake news
      • fact-checking
      • state actors and bots
      • and working with news organizations to spotlight injustice and effect social change.

Class Time and Location
The class will run March 12-14, from 1:00-5:30 p.m. in Jenkins Nanovic B044.

Class Expectations
Besides the readings, you will be required to pick a case or issue that you believe has suffered from media misrepresentation or manipulation and analyze it in the context of the material provided in the course.