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National Robotics Week celebrates robotics, and educates the public about the many ways in which robotics technology impacts society. It also encourages students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) related fields.

2016 will be Notre Dame's fifth annual event. Dr. Laurel Riek, Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of  in Computer Science and engineering, began the NDNRW event in 2012. Annually the event has drawn hundreds of people of all ages, and serves as a wonderful and fun way to engage with robotics.

More than 100 students and faculty members from Notre Dame’s Colleges of EngineeringScience and Arts and Letters and the students and staff from the Robinson Community Learning Center’s award-winning robotics club will be exhibiting interactive robotics projects. There will also be multiple community and school groups exhibiting at this year’s event, including Penn High School Robotics FRC team, the St. Joseph County Public Library’s Studio 304, and the first Lego League champions from Indiana, the Beiger Bots.

Visitors will have the chance to interact with all exhibits and learn about the variety of ways robots are making a difference in the world, from assistive technology and stroke rehabilitation to digital music and art. Hope to see you there!

Exhibitors for the 2016 NDNRW Event

Autonomous Mobile Robots Class: Capstone Projects 

Students from a Notre Dame robotics class will demonstrate their capstone projects – mobile robots that will autonomously interact with you in a fun and engaging way. The students programmed the algorithms these robots to run entirely on their own.

2016's projects include:amr-2015

  • Hot Lava Monster
  • Whack-a-bot
  • Robot Space Invaders
  • Destructobot
  • Robot Ring Toss
  • Robot Photographer

Contact:  Prof. Laurel Riek, ND Computer Science and Engineering | lriek@nd.edu

eMotion & eCognition Lab 

We use a small, human-like robot called Nao in our research on how people interact and think about robots.  Our demo shows you the capabilities of the very cool little robot.  You will be able to make it say and do things.

Contact: Prof. Charles Crowell, ND Psychology | ccrowell@nd.edu

Penn Robotics

FIRST learning never stops building upon itself, starting at age 6 and continuing through age 18. Participants master skills and concepts to aid in learning science and technology through innovative projects and robotics competitions, while gaining valuable employment and life skills.

Our mission is to show students of every age that science, technology, and problem-solving are not only fun and rewarding, but are proven paths to successful careers and a bright future for us all.

Contact: Grant Charlile, gcarlile@phm.k12.in.us

Robinson Community Learning Center - I-Robotics

We will be describing this year's robot runs and running our robot on a 4' X 8'  board.  We will also be performing our research presentation.

Contact: Dr. G. David Moss, Robinson Community Learning Center  |  e-mail: mosslightconsulting@gmail.com

Discover Lab

Baxter high-fiveing a researcherThe Distributed Cooperative System Research Lab (DISCOVER) focuses on understanding how existing natural or man-made complex systems work and, more importantly, how to build more reliable and efficient engineered complex systems, such as next-generation power grids and transportation systems.

We will demonstrate our ground robots, aerial robots and 3D printers, and demo how a robotic car finds its way out of the unknown maze as well as the interaction between humans and the quadricopter called Ardrone.

Contact: Prof. Hai Lin, ND Electrical Engineering | hlin1@nd.edu

Locomotion and Biomechanics Lab

The Locomotion and Biomechanics Lab conducts research in legged robots to better understand how to make robots walk and run efficiently and then to translate that knowledge into technology to help people with locomotion challenges (amputees, individuals with spinal cord injuries, etc.). We will demonstrate the small walking biped robot DARwin that can play soccer and some modular robots that kids can program themselves to drive around and move in other ways.

Contact: Prof. Jim Schmiedeler, ND Aerospace and Mechanical Engineeing | schmiedeler@nd.edu

Robotics, Health, and Communication Lab

The Robotics, Health, and Communication (RHC) Lab designs robots that can automatically sense, understand, and respond to real people in the real world. We particularly focus on solving problems in safety-critical environments, such as in hospitals, homes, and clinics. We tackle the fundamental problems that make complex, real-world understanding so challenging for robots. Our work is enabled through algorithm design, physical robot development, and real-world experimentation. We also apply our work to improving patient safety in hospitals, by designing and deploying pervasive health systems in clinical environments, and using robots to help with rehabilitation and clinical education.

At this year's event the RHC lab will be demonstrating a drumming robot that can automatically coordinate its movements with human drummers. It’s quite an experience to be standing across from DrumBot and have it mimic your exact drumming beat. Come tap a new groove and jam with DrumBot!

Contact: Prof. Laurel Riek, ND Computer Science and Engineering | lriek@nd.edu

Website: http://www.nd.edu/~rhclab

Notre Dame Robotic Football Club

This Club builds a semi-autonomous robotic football team that plays against robotic football teams from other Universities. The game is very similar to human football in that it involves a Center, a Quarterback that can throw or hand off, running backs, wide receivers, lineman and a punter.

Contact: Prof. Michael Stanisic, ND Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering | stanisic@nd.edu

Amazon Robotics

Contact: Lindsey Sansone | sansonel@amazon.com

Beiger Bots (FLL Team 3006)-
Indiana State Champion Robotics Team

The Beiger Bots are the current FIRST Lego League champions from the state of Indiana. They will be displaying the robot on the FLL Trash Trek game table.

Contact: Robert Pamachena | rjpamachena@comcast.net

SJCPL Studio 304

Studio 304 is from the Saint Joseph County Public Library (SJCPL) and will have littleBits for hands-on activities, and a Makerbot mini 3D printer for demonstration purposes.


Contact: Melody Lutz | studio304@sjcpl.org

Be part of the process
(Individual Student Project)

This is a bowling activity that will help participants learn how to program NXT robots. Participants will learn how to instruct NXT robots to approach a bowling lane and roll a ball toward stacked cups, knocking down as many as possible.

Contact: Megan Fink | mfink2@nd.edu

And Much More!  

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