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Meet some of the Robots

Baxter Baxter

The Distributed Cooperative System Research Laboratory (Discover Lab) in the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Notre Dame will exhibit the Baxter robot at this year’s NDNRW. Baxter is a good-sized robot, standing 5 feet tall and featuring an arm span of nearly 8 feet! Baxter will demonstrate how he can imitate human movements. The Discover Lab will also show how Baxter can automatically sort Lego blocks. Mark your calendars to attend the 5th Annual Notre Dame National Robotics Week Event and high five Baxter!

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DrumBot DrumBot

The Robotics, Health, and Communication lab (RHC) will be demonstrating a drumming robot that can automatically coordinate its movements with human drummers. It’s quite an experience to be standing across from DrumBot and have it mimic your exact drumming beat. Come tap a new groove and jam with DrumBot!

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