PUBLISHED: March 23, 2016

The Distributed Cooperative System Research Laboratory (Discover Lab) in the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Notre Dame will exhibit the Baxter robot at this year’s NDNRW. Baxter is a good-sized robot, standing 5 feet tall and featuring an arm span of nearly 8 feet! Baxter will demonstrate how he can imitate human movements. The Discover Lab will also show how Baxter can automatically sort Lego blocks. Mark your calendars to attend the 5th Annual Notre Dame National Robotics Week Event and high five Baxter!

Dr. Hai Lin, the director of Discover Lab and his research team have intensive research experiences in the fields of control theory, cooperative robotics, and cyber-physical systems. In Discover Lab, they use multi-robot coordination and human-robot collaboration in practical applications in the areas of search and rescue, as well as assistive robotics.

The human-robot collaboration projects use Baxter humanoid robot as the testbed for robot safety by design, adaptiveness to environment, flexibility and re-programmability. The vision of the Discover Lab is to utilize the majority of robots to serve – not replace humans. To this regard, researchers are developing fundamental theories based on multi-disciplinary studies in control, machine learning, and formal methods to design robots that can be adaptive and better serve human needs.