PUBLISHED: March 23, 2016

The Robotics, Health, and Communication lab (RHC) will be demonstrating a drumming robot that can automatically coordinate its movements with human drummers. It’s quite an experience to be standing across from DrumBot and have it mimic your exact drumming beat. Come tap a new groove and jam with DrumBot!

Dr. Laurel Riek directs the RHC lab, which focuses on designing robots that can automatically sense, understand, and respond to real people in the real world. We particularly focus on solving problems in safety-critical environments, such as in hospitals, homes, and clinics. We tackle the fundamental and applied problems that make complex, real-world perception and interaction so challenging for robots. Our work is enabled through algorithm design, physical robot development, and real-world experimentation. We also apply our work to improving patient safety in hospitals, by designing and deploying pervasive health systems in clinical environments, and using robots to help with rehabilitation and clinical education.