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Notre Dame partners with IBM Q Network

IBM has announced a new partnership with the University of Notre Dame, among several other universities. As part of the collaboration, Notre Dame will join IBM’s Q Network, granting the university direct access to IBM Q's quantum computing systems for teaching, and faculty and student research projects that advance quantum information science and explore early applications.

As part of the IBM Q Network, the university will grow an interdisciplinary quantum-programming community, and work to prepare a workforce at the undergraduate and graduate levels for the development of novel quantum computing applications in chemistry, physics and engineering and the creation of tools for increasing the efficiency of quantum computers, according to IBM.

“Developing practical quantum applications that drive business and scientific breakthroughs requires a diverse ecosystem,” said Anthony Annunziata, IBM Q Network Global Lead, IBM Research, in a news release. “Partnering with these world-leading academic and research institutions is key as we work to educate, empower, and get the next generation of students ‘quantum ready’ to advance the field.”

The IBM Q Network says it provides its organizations with quantum expertise and resources, quantum software and developer tools, as well as cloud-based access to IBM's most advanced and scalable commercial universal quantum computing systems available.

— Merritt McLaughlin, writer/reporter, Inside Indiana Business