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Bowyer Named Inaugural Editor-in-Chief for IEEE Transactions on Biometrics, Behavior and Identity Science

Nina Welding • DATE: February 28, 2018

Categories:  Press Release

Kevin W. Bowyer, the Schubmehl-Prein Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, has been named the inaugural editor-in-chief of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Transactions on Biometrics, Behavior, and Identity Science (T-BIOM). The new publication will cover original articles on all aspects of biometrics [face, fingerprint, iris and signature], behavior [unique and identifiable movement] and identity science [security systems, standards for system deployment and new architectures]. Broad topics will include biometric modalities and their fusion, novel pattern classification and machine learning and behavior analysis, as well as forensics, healthcare and law enforcement. The first issue of T-BIOM is scheduled for January 2019.

Bowyer’s research interests encompass computer vision and pattern recognition, including biometrics, data mining, object recognition, medical image analysis, ethics and computing and computer science education. He directs the Computer Vision Research Laboratory with Patrick J. Flynn, the Schubmehl-Prein Chair of Computer Science and Engineering and Duda Family Professor.

He is currently a member of the editorial board for IEEE Access, the society’s rapid publication, open access mega-journal and previously served as editor-in-chief of the IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence and of the IEEE Biometrics Compendium.

Since joining the University in 2001, Bowyer and his students and collaborators have been researching image-based biometrics and multi-biometrics. They have collected the largest database of multi-modal biometrics in the world, including first-of-their-kind comparisons of facial photographs, facial thermograms, 3-D facial images, iris images, ear and hand shapes and videos of human gait. Federal agencies have frequently used the group’s expertise and findings to objectively analyze commercial biometrics technologies.

The author of the Handbook of Iris Recognition, Bowyer is a fellow of the IEEE, a Golden Core member of the IEEE’s Computer Society and a fellow of the International Association for Pattern Recognition. He received the IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award, “for pioneering contributions to the science and engineering of biometrics” and was the inaugural recipient of the IEEE Biometrics Council Meritorious Service Award.

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