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Adam Czajka

Adam Czajka

Email: aczajka@nd.edu

Phone: 574-631-7072

Office: 180 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering


D.Sc. ("habilitation") in Computer Science, Warsaw University of Technology, 2018

Ph.D. in Biometrics, Warsaw University of Technology, 2005

M.Sc. in Computer Control Systems, Warsaw University of Technology, 2000


Adam Czajka is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in the College of Engineering here at the University of Notre Dame. He received his M.Sc. in Computer Control Systems and Ph.D. in Biometrics from Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), Poland, both with the highest honors. Recently, Dr. Czajka has been awarded a D.Sc. degree ("habilitation") in Computer Science, also from WUT. His scientific interests include biometrics and security, computer vision, and machine learning.

Before coming to Notre Dame, Professor Czajka was the Chair of the Biometrics and Machine Learning Laboratory at the Institute of Control and Computation Engineering at WUT, the Head of the Postgraduate Studies on Security and Biometrics, the Vice Chair of the NASK Biometrics Laboratory, the Chair of the Polish Standardization Committee on Biometrics, an Assistant Professor in NASK – national research institute in Poland, and a member of the NASK Research Council. Czajka keeps his contacts with NASK and serves as an Advisor to the Deputy Director for Research there. He is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE), an active member of the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) and a member of the International Association for Identification (IAI). (full Curriculum Vitae)

Summary of Activities/Interests


Computer Vision II (CSE 40536/60536):
Spring 2020 -- Syllabus

Computer Vision I (CSE 40535/60535):
Fall 2019 -- Syllabus (students attending the class and invited guests can find all course materials on SAKAI)
Fall 2018 (students attending the class and invited guests can find all course materials on SAKAI)
Fall 2017 -- course webpage (public content)
Spring 2016 -- course webpage (public content)

Biometrics (CSE 40537/60537):
Spring 2019 (students attending the class and invited guests can find all course materials on SAKAI)
Spring 2018 -- course webpage (public content)
Spring 2017 -- course webpage (public content)
Fall 2014 -- course webpage (public content)

Neural Networks (CSE 40868/60868):
Fall 2016 -- course webpage (public content)

Scientific interests:

Biometrics, security, computer vision, pattern recognition, signal and image processing.

Further information:

Full Curriculum Vitae
Google Scholar
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Adam Czajka Asks: Is That Eyeball Dead or Alive?

July 25, 2016

Adam Czajka discusses the prevention of iris sensors accepting the use of a high-resolution photo of an iris or, in a grislier scenario, an actual eyeball.