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Andrey Kuehlkamp

Andrey Kuehlkamp

Email: akuehlka@nd.edu

Phone: 574-631-4391

Office: 254 Fitzpatrick Hall


B.S. Federal University of Santa Catarina

M.S. University of Vale Itajal


Notre Dame startup aims to make blockchain technology easy and accessible for all

February 5, 2019

On the leading edge of rapidly-expanding blockchain technology, SIMBA Chain, Inc., a startup based on technology developed at the University of Notre Dame, empowers businesses from government and defense, and from health care to manufacturing, to develop and deploy their applications with ease.

Congratulations! Andrey Kuehlkamp, PhD

August 7, 2018

Dissertation Defense

Milestone - Andrey Kuehlkamp, Oral Candidacy

September 26, 2017

Proposal defense