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Annunziata Pirro

Annunziata Pirro


Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, 2014-present

M.S., Civil Engineering, University of Salerno, 2013

B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Salerno, 2008



  • Publications

Lozovatsky Iossif, Wijesekera Hemantha, Pirro Annunziata, Madis Lilover, H.J.S. Fernando “A snapshot of internal waves and shear instability in the Southern Bay of Bengal.” Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 121.8 (2016): 5898-5915

Summary of Activities/Interests

Ms. Pirro’s undergraduate and master studies focused on energy efficiency and eco-sustainability in human living spaces, in particular on the prediction of the effects of climate change on the durability of building structures. The goal of her research was to provide workable solutions to increase mechanical strength and the life-expectancy of construction material. Redirecting her research focus through her Ph.D. work at the University of Notre Dame, she is now interested in understanding the air-sea interactions in the Bay of Bengal, a largely unexplored region in terms of climate signals. More specifically, her research concerns the effect of intraseasonal oscillations on Indian monsoon dynamics, in particular the coupling of oceanic and atmospheric disturbances of 10-60 day periods. Ms. Pirro has participated in two ocean cruises aboard the R/V Roger Revelle (2014, 2015), during which she collected ocean/atmosphere data using in-situ and remote sensors e.g., ADCP, CTD, mooring instrumentations, SeaGliders and Drifters. Her work is also complemented by the use of sea surface height (SSH) AVISO satellite data. All these measurements allow for the development of new parameterizations for atmospheric models designed to better forecast monsoons. To this end, Ms. Pirro started working with US Naval Research Laboratory’s colleagues on atmospheric models as applied to monsoon forecasting.


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