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Ali Shahbazi

Ali Shahbazi

Email: ashahbaz@nd.edu

Phone: 252-412-0207

Office: 307 Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering


B.S Applied Mathematics, Sharif University of Technology, 2002

M.Sc Pure Mathematics , Iran University of Science ant Technology, 2005

M.Sc Software Engineering , East Carolina University, 2014

PhD Computer Science and Engineering, University of Notre Dame


My research primarily focused on Connectome which is between pattern recognition/deep learning and brain neuroscience, including lots of machine learning/deep learning stuff on Neuroscience and also recognition and prediction through the learning approaches mostly in the brain or generally in medical imaging. I have a limitless interest in neuro-cartography and brain wiring map reconstruction. 

I am working as a graduate research assistance in MICrONS group for IARPA. under the supervision of Dr.Walter Scheirer in the University of Notre Dame. Recently I published joint papers with Center for Brain Science at Harvard University about brain membrane sparse reconstruction, I proposed a fast and multi-functional learning free pipeline for sparse membrane reconstruction in three different modalities,and now I am working on Meta-Recognition problem in brain tissue segmentation/reconstruction which is mostly via the prediction of deep learning or machine learning approach. 

Before joining CVRL Lab (computer vision research lab) at the University of Notre Dame, I was working in Security lab at East Carolina University and also in University of Notre Dame. My security research was focused on secure computation in the cloud and semi-trusted environments. My last publication in the security area, published in GenoPri 2016 (international workshop on genome privacy), titled "Private Computation with Genomic Data for Genome-Wide Association and Linkage Studies", was about the secure computation of genomic tests and studies.

you can see my research compact in a 3 minutes talk here: 3MT talk

 and my papers also could be found at : 

Ali Shahbazi in Google Scholar

Summary of Activities/Interests

Research and more Research !!


Reading books in afternoon :)

Watching movie ,every night ! 


Congratulations! Ali Shahbazi, PhD

July 3, 2018

Dissertation defense

2018 Shaheen 3MT® Engineering Finalists Named

April 13, 2018

Three 3MT® finalists were named out of nine competitors on Wednesday night, April 11, in DeBartolo Hall during the College of Engineering qualifying round. They will represent engineering during the finals in Jordan Auditorium on April 23 at 5 p.m.