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David Kirkner

David J. Kirkner


Phone: 574-631-6518


B.S. Civil Engineering, Youngstown State University, 1971

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 1979



Recent Papers

Knaack, A.M.; Kurama, Y.C.; and Kirkner, D.J., "Compressive Strength Relationships for Concrete Under Elevated Temperatures," ACI Materials Journal, Vol. 107, No. 2, March-April 2010, pp. 164-175.

Sobczyk, K., Kirkner, D.J., Stochastic Modeling of Microstructures, Birkhauser Boston, 270 pp., 2001.

Shen, W., Kirkner, D.J., "Computational Considerations for the Non-Linear FEM Analysis of Pavement Structures under Moving Load," International Journal of Pavement Engineering, Vol. 2., No.3, 2001.

Shen, W., Kirkner, D.J., Thermal Cracking of Viscoelastic Asphalt-Concrete Pavement," Journal of Engineering Mechanics, July, 2001, Vol. 127, No. 7, pp. 700 - 709.

Kirkner, D.J., Sobczyk, K., Spencer, B.F.,Jr., "On the Relationship of the Cumulative Jump Model for Random Fatigue to Empirical Data," Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics, July 1999, Vol. 14., No. 3, pp. 257-268.

Shen, W., Kirkner, D.J., "Distributed Thermal Cracking of AC Pavement with Frictional Constraint," Journal of Engineering Mechanics, May 1999, Vol. 125, No. 5., pp. 554-560.

Summary of Activities/Interests

Structural mechanics, finite element methods, structural dynamics, probabilistic mechanics, pavement mechanics