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Anthony Hoffman

Anthony Hoffman

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering

Associate Professor
College of Engineering


Phone: 574-631-4103

Office: 266 Fitzpatrick Hall



B.S. Physics - University of Maryland Baltimore County (2004)

M.A. Electrical Engineering - Princeton University (2006)

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering - Princeton University (2009)

Summary of Activities/Interests

Research Interests:  Prof. Hoffman's mid-infrared and THz optoelectronics research is focused on understanding quantum phenomena for the development of new optical materials, sources, and detectors.  Much of his work focuses on quantum engineering, where hundreds of layers of extremely thin semiconductors are designed to form a material with customized optical, electrical, and quantum properties.  These designer materials are fabricated into devices that are characterized in his laboratory.  

Prof. Hoffman's research group is always looking for new undergraduate researchers, graduate students, and post-doc.  If you are interested, please contact him directly. 

Courses: EE40478 - Introduction to Quantum Computing; EE60556 - Fundamentals of Semiconductor Physics


Designing Next-Generation Optical Antennas

March 9, 2019

Without antennas, the world would be a much different place. NDEE professor Anthony J. Hoffman is working toward leveraging these devices to control light instead of radio waves.

Designing next-generation optical antennas

March 8, 2019

Antennas catch radio waves from the air and convert the energy into electrical signals. They can also convert electrical signals into radio waves. Optical engineers and scientists, like Associate Professor Anthony J. Hoffman, are working toward leveraging these devices to control light instead of radio waves.

Training Next-Generation Engineers for Next-Generation Technologies

February 21, 2019

NDEE professor Anthony Hoffman’s Introduction to Quantum Computing course is training the next generation of engineers and scientists for the next generation of technologies

NDEE Faculty and Alumnus Obtain Quilt Packaging Patent

November 27, 2018

NDEE founded start-up company, Indiana Integrated Circuits (IIC) has obtained its thirteenth patent related to their Quilt Packaging technology. NDEE faculty researchers/inventors associated with IIC are Gary Bernstein, Patrick Fay and Wolfgang Porod. This particular patent was a result of the joint efforts of NDEE professors Scott Howard, Doug Hall, Anthony Hoffman and Gary Bernstein.

NDnano announces 2018 Seed Grant Program Recipients

July 18, 2018

Nine faculty members from the University of Notre Dame’s College of Engineering and College of Science have been awarded four grants through the Center for Nano Science and Technology (NDnano) Seed Grant Program.