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Kaijun Feng

Kaijun Feng


Phone: 574-631-1275

Office: SR B20


B.S., Peking University, 2013


Kaijun Feng was born in Taiyuan, China, and received the B.S. degree at Peking University in Beijing. He came to University of Notre Dame in 2013 to pursue the PhD degree with a department fellowship award of Electrical Engineering.

Kaijun's research deals with nano-optical structures that enable novel optoelectronic devices. His PhD dissertation focuses on different mechanisms to realize nano-scale optical resonators that are the foundation of next generation quantum optical devices, including Purcell-enhanced spontaneous emitters and strong coupling cavity QED systems. Besides this, he participated research in plasmic nano-antennas, semiconductor gratings, etc. He also helped with the setup of the undergrad quantum optics labs "spontaneous down conversion" and "single photon interference". During his internship at IBM Zurich in summer 2017, he was responsible for designing an integrated optical spectrometer system on a silicon chip. 

Summary of Activities/Interests

Kaijun served as the chair of Academic Affairs Committee at GSU during the 2017~2018 school year. During his tenure, he brought together the graduate student body with the university's rich academic resources by sitting on the university's different academic committees, as well as organizing various seminars and workshops. Examples include the workshops for web publishing, cloud computing, and field trip to data center facilities.  He also leads the 2018 GSU Teaching Awards Committee responsible for the selection of awardees of this year.

Before joining GSU, Kaijun founded Notre Dame's Book Club and served as the first club president. During the first year, the club successfully hosted a number of invited guest talks on books from different disciplines from history, psychology to literature. See for more information.

During his leisure time, Kaijun enjoys playing guitar and soccer. He learns classical guitar with Prof. Stephan Miller from the Music Department.