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Michael McConnell

Michael S McConnell


Phone: 317-912-3595

Office: Stinson-Remick B20


M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, 2016

B.S. Electrical Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University Missouri Rolla), 2013


I initially became interested in electrical engineering because my family owned old cars (practically a whole fleet of late 80's station wagons at one point) and one of them would not start. My dad knew it was an electrical problem and he told me to troubleshoot it, but it was my sophomore year in high school and I knew nothing about electricity so I went to the library and got a book on electrical circuits. I was hooked. I devoured this book that opened up how to manipulate electrons into doing useful things and went on to read another book on transistor technology, all without calculus or even high school physics! I went on to attend Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri Rolla) and lived in the Christian Campus House. During my time at MS&T, I conducted undergraduate research under Dr. Mehdi Ferdowsi on DC-DC converters, worked for Toyota in Erlanger, KY for eight months on co-op, and worked for Brewer Science for the summer before my senior year. Dr. Ferdowsi was the first person to encourage me to attend graduate school because of my curiosity and, during my time at Toyota, nanotechnology began to fascinate me. I graduated in May 2013 with a bachelors in electrical engineering and a minor in applied mathematics. From August 2013 to the present I have been attending University of Notre Dame and working with Dr. Greg Snider and Dr. Alexei Orlov on CMOS reversible computing and single electron transistors.

Summary of Activities/Interests

  • DC Reactive Sputtering of Piezoelectric AlN
  • Application of Nanothermocouples
  • Resonant MEMS Structures
  • CMOS Reversible Computing
  • Single Electron Transistors
  • Substrate Effects of Atomic Layer Deposition


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  • Michael McConnell, Daniel Chionuma, Jordan Wright, Jordan Brandt, Liu Zhe, Dr. Kurt Kosbar (2013). “Design of an Autonomous Robot for Indoor Navigation.” Proceedings of the International Telemetering Conference, v 49, 2013, ITC/USA 2013: 49th Annual International Telemetering Conference and Technical Exhibition - Meeting all the Challenges of Telemetry, 2013.
  • Golnaz Karbasian, Michael S. McConnell, Alexei O. Orlov, Alexei N. Nazarov, Gregory L. Snider (2017). “Single electron transistors with hydrogen treatment of ALD SiO2 in nanoscale metal-insulator-metal tunnel junctions.” Nanotechnology.
  • Golnaz Karbasian, Michael S. McConnell, Hubert George, Louisa C. Schneider, Matthew J. Filmer, Alexei O. Orlov, Alexei N. Nazarov, Gregory L. Snider (2017). “Metal-Insulator-Metal Single Electron Transistors with Tunnel Barriers Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition.” Appl. Sci.
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