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Patricia Maurice

Patricia A. Maurice

Email: pmaurice@nd.edu

Phone: 574-631-3469


Ph.D, Stanford University

M.S., Earth Science, Dartmouth College

B.S., Earth and Planetary Sciences, John Hopkins University


Recent Papers

Maurice, P.A., and Peterson, B.R.E. (2015).  How to be an Ethical Engineer in an Often Unethical World: The Necessity of Interdisciplinary Education for both the Sciences and Humanities. Journal of Catholic Higher Education. 34(2), 173-194.

Kuhn, K.M., Neubauer, E., Hofmann, T., von der Kammer, F., Aiken, G.R., and Maurice, P.A. (2015). Concentrations and distributions of metals associated with dissolved organic matter from the Suwannee River (GA, USA). EES, 32 (1), 54-65. 

McInnis, D.O., Bolster, D., and Maurice, P.A. (2015). Mobility of Dissolved Organic Matter from the Suwannee River (Georgia, USA) in Sand-Packed Columns. EES, 32 (1), 4-13.

Kuhn, K., Dubois, J., and Maurice, P.A. (2014). Aerobic microbial Fe acquisition from ferrihydrite anoparticles: Effects of crystalline order, siderophores, and alginate. ES&T, 48, 15, 8664-8670.

Kuhn, K.,  Neubauer, E., Hofman, T., von der Kammer, F., and Maurice, P.A. (2014). Accessibility of humic-associated Fe to a microbial siderophore: implications for Bioavailability, ES&T. 48: 1015-1022.

Dehner, C., Morales-Soto, N., Behera, R.K., Shrout, J., Theil, E.C., Maurice, P.A. and Dubois, J.L. (2013). Ferritin and ferrihydrite nanoparticles as iron sources for Pseudomonas aeruginosa. JBIC. 18, 3, 371-381.

Seders-Dietrich, L., McInnis, D., Bolster, D., and Maurice, P.A. (2013). Effect of polydispersity on natural organic matter transport: An experimental and modeling study. Water Res., 47, 7, 2231-2240.

Kuhn, K., Dubois, J.L., and Maurice, P.A. (2013). Strategies of aerobic microbial Fe acquisition from Fe-bearing montmorillonite clay. GCA, 117, 191-201.

Barton, L.E., Grant, K.E., Kosel, T., Quicksall, A.N., and Maurice, P.A. (2011). Size dependent Pb sorption to nanohematite in the presence and absence of a microbial siderophore: effects of experimental design on sorption edges. ES&T 45, 3231-3237.

Dehner, C.A., Barton, L.E., Maurice, P.A., and Dubois, J.L. (2011). Size-dependent bioavailability of hematite (-Fe2O3) nanoparticles to a common aerobic bacterium. ES&T 45, 977-983.

Summary of Activities/Interests

Studies of mineral−water interface geochemistry; organic and microbial interactions with mineral surfaces; geochemistry of humic substances; soil chemistry; chemical weathering; hydrology and biogeochemistry of freshwater wetlands; remediation of metal contamination; global climate change; geologic nanoparticles and their interactions with organic matter, microbes, and metals.