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Roberto Canales

Roberto I. Canales


Phone: 574-631-7709

Office: 310 Stinson Remick


M.Sc., University of Notre Dame, 2013

B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Valparaiso, Chile, 2009


My undergraduate degree in chemical engineering was obtained at the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (Valparaíso, Chile) where I started research studies conducting to my undergraduate thesis. The focus of my research was the study of experimental phase equilibrium systems. Specifically, I measured both, activity coefficients at infinite dilution for several organic solvents in boldine and high pressure equilibrium of betacarotene in supercritical CO2 with the advice of Dr. Juan de la Fuente.

My research work at the University of Notre Dame has been centered on the separation of organic compounds from ionic liquids by inducing a second liquid phase with high pressure CO2 and the analysis of the liquid-liquid-vapor equilibrium for different ionic liquid + organic compound + CO2 systems, under the direction of Dr. Joan F. Brennecke.

Summary of Activities/Interests

Ionic Liquids, High Pressure Phase Behavior, Supercritical Fluids, Thermodynamics