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Rene Celis Cordova

Rene Celis Cordova

Email: rcelisco@nd.edu

Phone: 574-631-1275

Office: B20 Stinson-Remick Hall


B.S. Electrical Engineering, 2014


  • Electronic Materials and Devices
  • Nano-fabrication
  • Experimental physics

Summary of Activities/Interests

  • Rene Celis-Cordova, Michael S McConnell, Bangya Liu, Alexei O Orlov, and Gregory L. Snider. "Quasi-adiabatic Reversible CMOS Heat Dissipation Measurements via On-chip Thermocouples"IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing 2018. November 7-9. 2018. [To be published]
  • Mike M. McConnell, Gergo P. Szakmany, Rene Celis-Cordova, Alexei O Orlov, Gary H Bernstein, Wolfgang Porod, and Gregory L Snider.“Heat Dissipation in Adiabatic Reversible CMOS Circuits Measured by On-chip Nanothermocouples,” 2018 IEEE Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop. Honolulu, HI, 2018.

  • Cesar O. Campos-Aguillon, Rene Celis-Cordova, Ismo K. Hanninen, Craig S. Lent, Alexei O. Orlov and Gregory L. Snider. “A Mini-MIPS Microprocessor for Adiabatic Computing”. IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing 2016. ICRC October 17-19, 2016.
  • Ismo K. Hanninen, Cesar O. Campos-Aguillon, Rene Celis-Cordova, and Gregory L. Snider. “Design and Fabrication of a Microprocessor using Adiabatic CMOS and Bennett Clocking”. Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Reversible Computation 7th International Conference 2015.