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Robert Hughes

Robert A. Hughes

Research Associate Professor

Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Research Associate Professor
College of Engineering

Email: rhughes6@nd.edu

Phone: 574-631-9064

Office: 306 Cushing Hall


Robert A. Hughes joined the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame as a Research Associate Professor in 2016. He has also held positions as a Research Professor at Temple University and as a Research Scientist at the Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research. He obtained his Ph.D. and M.Sc. in physics from McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada). 

Summary of Activities/Interests

His primary area of expertise is in materials synthesis, characterization, and application. The scope of materials investigated include: (i) plasmonic nanostructures, (ii) bulk and nanoscale catalysts, (iii) ferroelectrics, (iv) semiconducting nanowires, (v) II-VI semiconductor films, (vi) shape memory alloys, (vii) metallic oxides, and (viii) high temperature superconductors. The material synthesis techniques used are diverse and include self-assembly, directed-assembly, seed-mediated solution phase syntheses, pulsed laser deposition, sputter deposition, and both conventional and unconventional evaporation techniques. He is currently pursuing applications in the areas of plasmonics, catalysis, photocatalysis, and chemical sensing.

Recent Publications

  • E. Menumerov, R. A. Hughes, S. Neretina, The catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol: A quantitative assessment of the role of dissolved oxygen in determining the induction time. Nano Letters 2016, 16, 7791–7797.
  • S. Neretina, R. A. Hughes, K. D. Gilroy, M. Hajfathalian, Noble Metal Nanostructure Synthesis at the Liquid−Substrate Interface: New structures, new insights, and new possibilities. Accounts of Chemical Research 2016, 49, 2243−2250
  • M. Hajfathalian, K. D. Gilroy, S. D. Golze, A. Yaghoubzade, E. Menumerov, R. A. Hughes, S. Neretina, A Wulff in a cage: The confinement of substrate–based structures in plasmonic nanoshells, nanocages, and nanoframes using galvanic replacement. ACS Nano 2016, 10, 6354–6362
  • M. Hajfathalian, K. D. Gilroy, R. A. Hughes, S. Neretina, Citrate-induced nanocubes: A reexamination of the role of citrate as a shape-directing capping agent for Ag-based nanostructures. Small 2016, 12, 3444–3452.
  • E. Menumerov, K. D. Gilroy, M. Hajfathalian, C. J. Murphy, E. R. McKenzie, R. A. Hughes, S. Neretina, Plastically deformed Cu and Cu-based alloys as high-performance catalysts for the reduction of 4-nitrophenol. Catalysis Science & Technology 2016, 6, 5737– 5754.
  •  E. Menumerov, B. A. Marks, D. Dikin, F. X. Lee, R. D. Winslow, S. Guru, D. Sil, E. Borguet, P. Hutapea, R. A. Hughes, S. Neretina, Sensing hydrogen gas from atmospheric pressure to a hundred parts per million with nanogaps fabricated using a single-step bending deformation. ACS Sensors 2016, 1, 73–80.
  • M. Hajfathalian, K. D. Gilroy, A. Yaghoubzade, A. Sundar, T. Tan, R. A. Hughes, S. Neretina, Photocatalytic enhancements to the reduction of 4-nitrophenol by resonantly excited triangular gold-copper nanostructures. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2015, 119, 17308–17315.
  •  K. D. Gilroy, R. A. Hughes, S. Neretina, Kinetically controlled nucleation of silver on surfactant-free gold seeds. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014, 136, 15337–15345.


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