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Raghavendra (Raghu) Krishnamurthy

Raghavendra (Raghu) Krishnamurthy


Phone: 574-631-3467

Office: 318 Cushing Hall


Ph.D., Arizona State University, 2013

M.S., Arizona State University, 2008


Research Focus

Atmospheric fluid dynamics, boundary layer, wind energy, wind engineering, remote sensing, aircraft safety, urban air pollution, air-sea interaction, sustainability engineering, smart sensing of complex flows.



 At Arizona State University:

  1. Summer 2011: [MAE 212-1001: Engineering Physics II; 34 undergrad students; CIF Report: Effectiveness of teaching 3.8/5; Degree of Intellectual Challenge 4.5]
  2. Fall 2011: [MAE 212-1008: Engineering Statics & Dynamics; 69 undergrad students; CIF Report: Effectiveness of teaching 4.2/5; Degree of Intellectual Challenge 4.8]
  3. Spring 2012: [MAE 212-1001: Engineering Statics & Dynamics; 100 undergrad students; CIF Report: Effectiveness of teaching 4.4/5; Degree of Intellectual Challenge 4.6]
  4. Fall 2012: [MAE 572-1001: Introduction to Wind Energy; 36 grad students; CIF Report: Effectiveness of teaching 4.8/5; Degree of Intellectual Challenge 3.5]

At University of Notre-Dame:

  1. Spring 2018: [CE 572-1001: Introduction to Wind Energy; 8 grad & 3 undergrad; CIF Report: Effectiveness of teaching 4.4/5, Degree of Intellectual Challenge 4]


Research Projects

I. C-FOG (2018): Towards Improved Observations and Predictions of Coastal Fog

II. MISO-BOB (2018): Monsoon Intra-Seasonal Oscillations in Bay Of Bengal

III. Perdigão (2017): International study on decoding complex flows for wind energy applications in Portugal

IV. CASPER (2017): Coupled Air Sea Processes and Electromagnetic ducting Research

V. WFIP2 (2016): Wind Forecasting Improvement Project II: Multi-university project focused on improving short-term forecasting for wind energy

VI. OBLEX-F1 (2015): Offshore Boundary Layer Experiment at FINO1 platform

VII. UFO (2015): Ultra-Fast Sensors for Airport Monitoring

VIII. SESAR XP1 (2014): Remote sensing trials at CDG Airport

IX. CHATS (2007): Canopy Horizontal Array Turbulence Study

X. T-REX (2006): Terrain-Induced Rotor Experiment



Current Positions

Faculty & Research Scientist, University of Notre-Dame, USA  

Adjunct Research Scientist, Arizona State University, USA 

Previous Positions

Senior Scientific R&D Engineer & Application Expert, LEOSPHERE, Paris, France

Post-doctoral Scholar, Arizona State University, USA 

Faculty Associate, Mechanical Engineering Department, ASU 

Teaching Assistant, Mechanical Engineering Department, ASU

Environmental Consultant, Trinity Consultants, Inc., Texas, USA

Research Assistant, Arizona State University, USA 


Innovative Projects:

Motion Stabilized Platform for Offshore Remote Sensing - click here

Synchronized Triple Doppler Lidars - click here



  1. “Measurement-data-based numerical study of real-time atmospheric boundary layer in coastal area”, Z Yang, A Calderer, S He, F Sotiropoulos, R Krishnamurthy, LS Leo, HJS Fernando, C Hocut, L Shen, 2018 [In Review]
  2. "Observations and numerical modeling of thermally driven wind reversals above parallel ridges", R Krishnamurthy, HJS Fernando, C Hocut, E Creegen, S Oncley, B Brown, 2018 [In Review]
  3. “Field testing of synchronized Doppler Lidars”, R Krishnamurthy, HJS Fernando, J Eacock, 2018, [In Review]
  4. “The PERDIGÃO: Peering into Microscale Details of Mountain Winds”, HJS Fernando, …R Krishnamurthy et al., (2018), Accepted in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society [In Review]
  5. “2D VAR single Doppler LIDAR vector retrieval and its application in offshore wind energy”, *NW Cherukuru, R Calhoun, R Krishnamurthy, B Sarvadal, J Reuder (2017) Energy Procedia, 137C, pp. 497 - 504.
  6. “Offshore wind turbine wake characteristics using scanning Doppler lidar”, R Krishnamurthy, HJS Fernando, B Sarvadal, J Reuder, J Jakobsen (2017) Energy Procedia, 137C, pp. 428-442
  7. “3D winds and turbulence characteristics of the atmospheric boundary layer”, R Barthelmie, P Crippa, H Wang, CM Smith, R Krishnamurthy, A Choukulkar, R Calhoun, D Valyou, P Marzocca, D Matthiesen, G Brown (2014).  Bulletin of Atmospheric and Meteorological Sciences. 95(5), 743-756. 
  8. Wind farm characterization and control using coherent Doppler lidar”, R Krishnamurthy (2013) Doctoral Dissertation, Arizona State University.
  9. “Mesoscale model evaluation with coherent Doppler lidar for wind farm assessment”, R Krishnamurthy, R Calhoun, B Billings, J Doyle (2013), Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. 4(6), 579-588.
  10. “Coherent Doppler lidar for wind farm characterization”, R Krishnamurthy, A Choukulkar, R Calhoun, J Fine, A Oliver, K Barr (2012), Wind Energy, 16(2), 189-206.  DOI: 10.1002/we.539
  11. “Wind turbulence estimates in a valley by coherent Doppler lidar”, R Krishnamurthy, R Calhoun, B Billings, J Doyle (2011), Meteorological Applications, 18(3), 361-371.  DOI: 10.1002/met.263
  12. “Large-eddy simulation based retrieval of dissipation rate from coherent Doppler Lidar”, R Krishnamurthy, R Calhoun, & HJS Fernando (2010), Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 136(1), 45-57. 
  13. Retrieval of the Dissipation of Turbulent Kinetic Energy from Coherent Doppler Lidar Data”, R Krishnamurthy, (2008), MS Diss. Arizona State University.


In preparation

  • The Second Wind Forecast Improvement Project (WFIP2): Observational Field Campaign, J Wilzack,...., several authors, R Krishnamurthy, BAMS
  • Electromechanical stabilization for atmospheric sensors in maritime environments, *K Latimer, R Krishnamurthy, D Grober, HJS Fernando 
  • Motion stabilized remote sensing observations of the marine atmospheric boundary layer, *A Christman, R Krishnamurthy, HJS Fernando, Q Wang, 2018
  • Gap flow dynamics during neutrally stratified conditions, *D Vassallo, R Krishnamurthy, HJS Fernando 
  • Observations of offshore internal boundary layer growth over coastal areas, R Krishnamurthy, HJS Fernando
  • The accuracy of satellite-based wind observations over US coast using stabilized remote sensing devices, R Krishnamurthy, HJS Fernando 
  • Interrelationship between Optical turbulence (Cn2) and eddy dissipation rate under varying atmospheric conditions, R Krishnamurthy, E Creegen, CM Hocut, HJS Fernando


Invited Talks

  • Aircraft Wake Vortices –Transport and Decay study using Lidars”, 2017, IPMA, Portugal
  • Smart LIdar event Characterization (SLIC) Systems” 2016, Army Research Laboratory, USA.
  • See the Wind - Lidar Introduction & Applications” 2016, University of Notre-Dame, Seminar Series, USA.
  • Real-world applications and advancements of scanning Doppler Lidars”, 2015, Norcowe Consortium, Stavanger, Norway.
  • Scanning Doppler Lidar for Aircraft Wake Vortex Control”, 2014, EuroControl, France.
  • Wind Farm Characterization using scanning Doppler Lidar”, 2014, Goldwind, Beijing, China.
  • Scanning Doppler Lidar Applications”, 2013, General Electric (GE), Bangalore, India.
  • Doppler Lidar – Feed-Forward control application”, 2012, Intel Corporation, Oregon, USA.
  • Coherent Doppler Lidar for wind farm assessment”, 2012, Texas Tech University Symposium, Texas.
  • Coherent Doppler Lidar for wind farm characterization, layout and control”, 2011, Intel Corp., Arizona, USA.
  • Remote sensing for Wind Energy”, 2009, Ecosystem Seminar Series, ASU, Arizona, USA.

Conference Publications

  1.  Coastal internal boundary layer studies during CASPER-West, 2018, R Krishnamurthy, HJS. Fernando, A Christman, D Allapattu, B Wauer, K Franklin, Q Wang, AMS Air-Sea Interaction Conference, Oklahoma City.
  2. Boundary-Layer Wind-Flow Variability in Complex Terrain from Scanning Doppler Lidars and NWP Operational Models, 2018, Y Pichiguina, R Banta, A Choukulkar, T Bonin, AW Brewer, J Olson, J Kenyon, M Marquis, C Bonfanti, B McCarty, S Baidar, S Sandberg, M Hardesty, HJS Fernando, R Krishnamurthy, AMS BLT Conference, Oklahoma City.
  3. Neutrally Stratified Flow through a Microscale Gap in a Parallel Double Ridge in Perdigão, Portugal, 2018, D Vassallo, R Krishnamurthy, HJS Fernando, ISEH Conference, Notre Dame, Indiana.
  4. Scanning Doppler lidars for Wind Energy research and validation of NWP model wind forecast in complex terrain, 2018, Y Pichiguina, R Banta…, R Krishnamurthy, HJS Fernando, CLRC, Okinawa, Japan.
  5. Observing and Modeling Recurrent Diurnal Summertime Wind Systems in the Complex Terrain of the Columbia River Basin during the Second Wind Forecast Improvement Project, 2018: R Banta, A Choukulkar…, H Fernando, R Krishnamurthy, Mountain Met Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
  6. Impact of land data assimilation on meteorology and air quality, 2018: A. Sharma, R. Kumar, H. Fernando, A. Hamlet, F. Chen, and R. Krishnamurthy, EGU Conference, Austria.
  7. Advancing NWP wind forecasts in complex terrain by lidar technology, 2018: Pichugina, Y, R. Banta, T. Bonin, A. Brewer, A. Choukulkar, McCarty, J. Cline, HJS. Fernando, J. Kenyon, R. Krishnamurthy, M. Marquis, and J. Olson, AMS Conference, USA.
  8. Air sea interaction measurements and analyses in CASPER, Q Wang & the CASPER team, 2018: Ocean Science Meeting, USA
  9. Numerical Study of Atmospheric Boundary Layer in Coastal Area with Complex Land Topography, 2018: Z Yang, A Calderer, S He, F Sotiropoulos, R Krishnamurthy, H J. Fernando, L Shen, Ocean Science Meeting, USA.
  10. Slope flows in the presence of vegetation during Perdigão, 2017: C. M. Hocut, S. Otarola-Bust, A. Pattantyus, Y. Wang, E. Creegan, C. L. Klipp, R Krishnamurthy, L. S. Leo and H. J. Fernando, AGU Conference, USA.
  11. Boundary layer characterization during Perdigão field campaign 2017, 2017: *J Salvadore, L. Leo, M. Belo-Pereira, R. Krishnamurthy, W. Brown, P. M. Klein, S. Oncley, H.J.S. Fernando, J. Mann, AGU Conference, USA.
  12. Interrelationship of Cn2 & eddy dissipation rate based on Scintillometer and Doppler Lidar observations in complex terrain during the Perdigão campaign, 2017: E. D. Creegan, R Krishnamurthy, C. M. Hocut, A. K. Pattantyus, L. S. Leo, Y. Wang, D. Vassallo, H. J. S. Fernando, AGU Conference, USA.
  13. Nocturnal Reversed Flows Above Parallel Ridges in Perdigão, Portugal, 2017: R Krishnamurthy, H.J.S. Fernando, L. Leo, E. Creegen, C. Hocut, AGU Conference, USA.
  14. Influence of a forest canopy on velocity and temperature profiles under synoptic conditions, 2017: *A. K. Pattantyus, C. M. Hocut, Y. Wang, R. Krishnamurthy, L. Leo, H. J. S. Fernando, AGU Conference, USA.
  15. Offshore Wind Turbine Wake characteristics using Scanning Doppler Lidar, 2017: R Krishnamurthy, B Sarvadal, J Reuder, HJS Fernando, J B Jacobsen, DEEPWIND Conference, Norway.
  16. 2D VAR single Doppler LIDAR vector retrieval and its application in offshore wind energy, 2017: *N Cherukuru, R Calhoun, R Krishnamurthy, B Sarvadal, J Reuder, DEEPWIND Conference, Norway.
  17. New methods of measurements: where are we today, and where are we heading towards, 2017, N Vasiljevic, A Brewer, JP Cariou, A Clifton, P Clive, M Hardesty, M Harris, S Kameyama, R Krishnamurthy, D Schlipf, E Simon, R Wagner, WindEurope, Amsterdam.
  18. Observations of Internal Atmospheric Boundary Layer Development during the CASPER East Campaign, 2017: *A Christman, HJS Fernando, R Krishnamurthy, C Hocut, Q Wang, USRI Radio Science Conference, USA.
  19. Scanning Lidar in Offshore Wind, 2016: M Stephenson, A Clerc, P Stuart, A Burmster, S Feeney, M Boquet, P Royer, R Krishnamurthy, K Barr, Wind Europe Summit
  20. Monitoring of Wind Field Evolution Using a Nacelle-Mounted Lidar System, 2016: D. Schlipf, S. Raach, F. Haizmann, P. Fleming, A. Scholbrock, R. Krishnamurthy, M. Boquet, ISARS 2016, Bulgaria.
  21. Field Testing of Flatness-Based Feedforward Control on the CART2, 2016: D Schlipf, P Fleming, S Raach, A Scholbrock, F Haizmann, R Krishnamurthy, M Boquet, EWEA Annual Event, Hamburg.
  22. Automated Assessment of Lidar Uncertainty in Complex Terrain, 2016: R Krishnamurthy, M Boquet, P Mazoyer, EWEA Annual Event, Hamburg.
  23. Real-time Processing for incoming wind anticipation based on Nacelle LiDAR, integrated in control strategies for power optimization and loads mitigation, 2016: F Guillemin, G Sabiron, M Boquet, R Krishnamurthy, TORQUE.
  24. High-frequency Wind Retrieval Algorithms from Nacelle-mounted Lidars for Wind Turbine Control Applications, 2016: R Krishnamurthy, P Mazoyer, M Boquet, D Schlipf, A Scholbrock & P Fleming, ISARS, Bulgaria.
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  29. Field Testing of Lidar Assisted Feedforward Control Algorithms for Improved Speed Control on a 600kW Wind Turbine, 2015: A Kumar, E Bossanyi, A Scholbrock, P Fleming, M Boquet, R Krishnamurthy, EWEA Annual Event, Paris.
  30. Evaluation of wind speed uncertainty estimated with a scanning Doppler LiDAR inside and outside the wake of a turbine, 2015: H Herrmann, S Barbouchi, E Dupont, Y Lefranc, R Krishnamurthy, M Boquet, EWEA Annual Event, Paris.
  31. Evaluation of LiDAR performance for practical turbine control implementation, 2015: S Davoust, D Mashtare, R Krishnamurthy, EWEA Annual Event, Paris.
  32. Performance study of filtering techniques for Lidar turbulence estimation, 2015: F Guillemin, J Chauvin, R Krishnamurthy, M Boquet, EWEA Annual Event, Paris.
  33. Cartography of WINDCUBE v2 performances with FCR: A case study in Europe, 2015: R Krishnamurthy, M Boquet, EWEA Annual Event, Paris.
  34. Comparison of wind turbine wake numerical simulation with scanning lidar measurements, 2015: *A Défossez, E Dupont, R Krishnamurthy, EWEA Annual Event, Paris.
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  66. Measurements of turbulence parameters and dissipation over a complex terrain, 2007: R Krishnamurthy, R Calhoun, H J S Fernando, Poulos, 12th Meso scale Conf., USA.
  67. Modern Methods of Fuel Injections, 2005: R Krishnamurthy, K Hemanth, Presented at Muffakhamza college of Engineering, India.
  68. Modern Composite Materials and their Engineering Applications, 2004: R Krishnamurthy, S Guntur, VNR Tech., Symposium, India.

Summary of Activities/Interests


  • Member of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), 2014-2016
  • Rapid Promotion to Marketing Application Expert, Leosphere, France, 2014
  • Nominated for “Teaching Excellence Award” at Arizona State University, 2011 & 2012
  • Graduate Fellowship award, Arizona State University, 2011 & 2012
  • Excellence in Project Delivery” award at Trinity Consultants, Inc., 2008
  • Outstanding student award in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelors of Engineering, 2005


English (Expert), French (Working Proficiency), 

4 Indian languages (Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu)