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Sergey Leonov

Sergey Leonov

Email: sleonov@nd.edu

Phone: 574-631-9264

Office: B028 Hessert Laboratory


DrSc 2006 Joint Institute for High Temperature, Physics and mathematics

PhD 1990 Baltic State University

MS 1981 Moscow State University



1981-1985       Institute of Atomic Power Stations, Scientist;
1985-1997       State Institute of Aviation Systems, Senior Scientist;
1996-1998       Moscow Technical Company, Deputy Director on Science;
1998-2012       Joint Institute for High Temperature, Head of Department, Head of Laboratory;
2009-2012       Moscow Open University, Professor;
2013-2014       Ohio State University, MAE, Visiting Professor
2014-now        University of Notre Dame, Research Professor

Summary of Activities/Interests

Fields of Interest:

Experimental Plasma Aerodynamics; Weakly Ionized Plasma Generation; Flow Actuation by Electrical Discharges; Plasma-Assisted Combustion; Diagnostics of Low-Temperature Plasma; Hypersonics; Aerothermodynamics; High-Speed Combustion.

Research Activity:

Plasma-Assisted Combustion in High-Speed Flow

  • Fundamental aspects of multi-stage combustion
  • Mixing intensification by unstable electrical discharges: magnification of flow natural instabilities due to baroclinic effect at thermal management of a shear layer; dissociative mechanism of fast transfer of internal energy to pressure oscillations
  • Plasma-Induced Ignition and Flameholding in ramjet / scramjet: active flameholding on a plane wall of combustor (no mechanical flameholders); suppression of combustion instabilities due to an active control of a flame pattern
  • Cold start-up / restart of scramjet: forced ignition and flame temporal maintenance by highly reactive plasmas.
  • Transient supercritical spraying and injection of liquid fuel

Plasma-Based Flow Control

  • Supersonic Flow Control in Duct-driven systems, Inlets, and Diffusers
  • Boundary layer actuation, including a flapless control of LDR and pitch; control of cross-flow transition; buffeting control on regular and supercritical wings
  • Control of Shock Wave – Boundary Layer and Shock-Shock interaction by transient, non-uniform plasmas
  • Plasma-based control of hypersonic BL and a corner separation

High-Voltage Electricity and MHD in Aerothermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics

  • Physics of SDBD, Arc-In-Flow, Plasma Jet, SubMicroSecond Long-Filament Discharges
  • Electrical discharges in a supercritical fluid
  • Instabilities and turbulence due to electrical discharges generated inflow
  • Long sparks active guiding
  • Non-homogeneous plasma in two-component / multi-phase media and at interfaces
Select Publications:

  1. S.B. Leonov, I.V. Adamovich, and V.R. Soloviev, "Dynamics of Near-Surface Electric Discharges and Mechanisms of their Interaction with the Airflow", Topical Review, accepted for publication in Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 2016
  2. A. W. Houpt and S. B. Leonov. "Charge Transfer in Constricted Form of Surface Barrier Discharge at Atmospheric Pressure", Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, posted online July 05 2016, http://dx.doi.org/10.2514/1.T4970
  3. K. V. Savelkin, D. A. Yarantsev, I. V. Adamovich, and S. B. Leonov, “Ignition and Flameholding in a Supersonic Combustor by an Electrical Discharge Combined with a Fuel Injector”, Combustion and Flame, Volume 162, Issue 3, 2015, Pages 825-835
  4. J. Poggie, T. McLaughlin, S. Leonov, “Plasma Aerodynamics: Current Status and Future Directions”, Journal “Aerospace Lab”, issue AL-10-1, Dec 2015
  5. Bolshov, M. A.; Kuritsyn, Yu. A.; Leonov, S. B.; et al. “Measurement of transient gas flow parameters by diode laser absorption spectroscopy”, Quantum Electronics, Vol. 45, No 4, 377-384, 2015
  6. S. B. Leonov, Falempin, F.; Firsov, A. A.; Yarantsev, D. A.; et al. “Plasma control of shock wave configuration in off-design mode of M=2 inlet”, Experiments in Fluids, Volume: 56 Issue: 3, 2015
  7. A. Houpt, S. B. Leonov “Dynamics of Charge Transfer by Surface Electric Discharges in Atmospheric Air”, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics 3 (08), 1062, 2015
  8. K. Savelkin, D. A. Yarantsev, and S. B. Leonov “Experiments on Plasma-Assisted Combustion in a Supersonic Flow: Optimization of Plasma Position in Relation to the Fuel Injector”, Journal ONERA “Aerospace Lab”, issue AL-10-8, Dec 2015
  9. K. Frederickson, S Leonov, M Nishihara, E Ivanov, IV Adamovich, et al “Energy conversion in high enthalpy flows and non-equilibrium plasmas”, Progress in Aerospace Sciences 72, 49-65, 2015
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  11. S. B. Leonov, V Petrishchev, I. V. Adamovich, “Dynamics of energy coupling and thermalization in barrier discharges over dielectric and weakly conducting surfaces on µs to ms time scales”, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47 (46), 465201, 2014
  12. V. Petrishchev, S. Leonov and I. Adamovich, "Studies of Nanosecond Pulse Surface Ionization Wave Discharges over Solid and Liquid Dielectric Surfaces," Plasma Sources Sci. Technol., vol. 23, p. 065022, 2014.
  13. S. B. Leonov, A. A. Firsov, M. A. Shurupov, J. B. Michael, M. N. Shneider, R. B. Miles and N. A. Popov, “Femtosecond laser guiding of a high-voltage discharge and the restoration of dielectric strength in air and nitrogen”, Phys. Plasmas 19, 123502 (2012)
  14. S. Leonov, D. Yarantsev and F. Falempin, “Flow control in a supersonic inlet model by electrical discharge” Progress in Flight Physics 3 (2012) 557-568
  15. S. Leonov, D. Opaits, R.B. Miles, and V. Soloviev, “Time-Resolved Measurements of Plasma-Induced Momentum in Air and Nitrogen under DBD Actuation”, Phys. Plasmas, 17, 113505 (2010)
  16. S. B. Leonov, M. A. Bolshov, et al “Measurements of the temperature and water vapor concentration in a hot zone by tunable diode laser absorption spectrometry”, Appl. Phys. B: Laser Optics, 2010, vol. 100, p. 397
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