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Scott Morris

Scott C Morris

Email: s.morris@nd.edu

Phone: 574-631-3238

Office: 110 Hessert Laboratory


Ph.D. - Michigan State University, 2002


Dr. Morris currently directs multiple research projects involving turbomachinery and acoustics. He has designed and constructed a new turbomachinery laboratory at Notre Dame with a focus on improving components of gas turbine engines for propulsion and power system applications. New facilities include a new transonic axial compressor and a high speed research turbine. Both facilities are single stage rotating experiments that allow for advanced diagnostics and flow control under conditions that are similar to full scale engines. The second focus of study is aeroacoustics. This is a multi-disciplinary field involving fluid mechanics, acoustics, fluid structure interactions, and vibrations. Experimental work is primarily conducted in the Anechoic Wind Tunnel. Topics of interest include airfoil generated noise and vibration, fan noise, and the sound associated with active flow control devices.

Selected Publications

  • Day, I., Morris, S.C., Tan, C., Wadia, A., 2010, "Spike-type Compressor Stall Inception, Dectection and Control," Ann. Rev. Fluid Mech.
  • Stephens, D.B., Morris, S.C., 2009, "Sound Generation by a Rotor Interacting with a Casing Turbulent Boundary Layer," Accepted to AIAA J., Aug 2009.
  • Ma, R., Slaboch, P., Morris, S., 2009, "Fluid Mechanics of the flow excited Helmholtz resonator," J. Fluid Mech, Vol 623, pp. 1-23.
  • Shannon, D., Morris, S.C., 2008, "Blunt trailing edge noise measurements using a large aperture phased array," Int. J. of Aeroacoustics., Vol. 7 No 2, p. 147.
  • Stephens, D., Morris, S.C., 2008, "A method for quantifying the acoustic transfer function of a ducted rotor" J. of Sound and Vibration, Vol. 313, pp. 97-112.
  • Morris, S.C., Stolpa, S.R., Slaboch, P.E., Klewicki, J.C., 2007, "Near surface particle image velocimetry measurements in a transitionally rough-wall atmospheric boundary layer," J. Fluid Mech. 580, pp. 319-338.
  • Shannon, D., Morris, S.C., 2006, "Trailing edge flow physics with application to acoustic generation," Experiments in Fluids, Vol. 41, No. 5, pp. 777-788.

Summary of Activities/Interests


Aero/structural acoustics


Additional research information: http://engineering.nd.edu/departments/ame/research/current-research-of-dr.-scott-morris.


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